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Mirena Coil and PND

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facepalming Thu 20-Oct-16 16:39:40

Has anyone experienced a link between these?

I have recently been diagnosed with PND for the first time - my second child is 9 months old.

I am 4 days into taking citalopram and it really isn't agreeing with me.

I started looking at alternatives and found lots of articles and threads suguesting links between mirena and PND. Has anyone had any experience of this?

I mentioned it already to my gp and he said its not possible but the more I think on it the more it seems to fit that the mirena might be contributing

RNBrie Thu 20-Oct-16 16:45:47

I had the mirena put in 3 months after dd2 was born. Three months after that, my hair was falling out, I had terrible insomnia and my husband was worried about going to work and leaving me with the kids because he thought I was going to hurt myself or them.

My GP didn't think the mirena was linked and wanted to leave it in for another 6 months as side effects would settle down by then if it was linked.

In the end, I took it out myself in the middle of the night. That was a Wednesday. On the Friday my mum arrived to stay and look after me because I was such a mess. She couldn't understand why we'd called her as I was totally fine. Two weeks later my hair stopped falling out and I was sleeping well every night.

So I was never diagnosed with PND because it didn't get that far but taking it out saved me completely.

facepalming Thu 20-Oct-16 17:22:34

I'm so sorry you had such a hard time time rn.

I'm starting to feel quite sure the Mirena is having an impact on my mood (and my skin, and my hair, and my weight..) but the gp made me feel like I was being ridiculous.

I agreed to try the citalopram but it is making me feel dreadful and it seems more and more crazy to go down this route when I'm already messing with the balance of my body.

I think I prefer to take out the mirena first and then see how I feel.

I hope you are still feeling well rn?

RNBrie Thu 20-Oct-16 17:33:08

Yep, I've had another dd since then, she's 4 months now, I feel great (if a bit tired) and I have a copper coil fitted. I'll never go near a mirena again.

Get yours out, if they refuse there are plenty of forums out there that will tell you how to get it out yourself, although I wouldn't recommend that if you can avoid it.

There was another thread on here about mirenas last week, i'll see if I can find a link for you.

RNBrie Thu 20-Oct-16 17:34:30

jellycat1 Sun 23-Oct-16 18:55:24

Following with interest as have just had one put in. Jury's out for me at the moment. What I would say is under no circumstances should you let a gp 'refuse' to remove your coil. Any that does should be reported to their manager and/or the gmc. Totally unacceptable.

facepalming Tue 01-Nov-16 15:01:17

Sorry I've not updated. I was starting to feel a little better a week into the medication and as the side effects had been horrid gp and I agreed to stop them.

apparantly it was too soon for them to have worked but my mood has plummeted again.

keep being told that mirena is not the cause of my depression but I've booked to have it out on the 17th (they can't so sooner).

I had some psychotherapy booked for Thursday but I've had to cancel it as DH has to work and no one to have dc's.

Can't wait now for the 17th This low mood is scaring me now I'm starting to feel that low. eurgh I just want that thing out

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