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Anyone with a husband with pnd/anxiety?

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clarella Wed 17-Dec-14 11:43:34

Reaching out for anyone who has experienced this?

I feel his has manifested in trying to control things and ocd tendencies regarding our sons vitamins, nutrition, sleep, height, weight, illness etc. he gets very irritable and angry and blames me for things, treats me with suspicion while at the same time being very hostile etc.

As I've had health issues myself and couldn't cope with his raging I've done the best I can to cope with our son and go back to work. This has probably made things worse as he's become more resentful.

I've tried to point out he may be anxious and depressed but when he rang a help line he got the impression his worries were normal. Thus his actions too (obviously he didn't tell them what he's like on a daily basis)

Thinking of going to relate to try to help him realise what's unreasonable and what's reasonable. He's keen but thinks it'll get someone to agree with him on several points he constantly hounds.


clarella Wed 17-Dec-14 11:44:27

The random angry at the end is due to the apps spacing issues!!

Kerala2712 Sun 18-Jan-15 22:21:06

Why not go to your doctor yourself and tell the doctor about it, then try and persuade your husband to go and discuss it (make the appointment with the same doctor?) that way the gp is primed with your side- or try and persuade him to let you go with him. My husband was like this- antidepressants made a huge difference

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