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Can you help? Have PND - interested in charting others experiences in an art project

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bottiejelly Sat 24-Aug-13 10:23:04

Hi All

I am new to Mumsnet. good support going on, should hv joined earlier!

I am a first time mum and artist (in the middle of my MA) just starting to come out the other side of PND. I want to address my PND in the final exhibition of my MA and I am looking to try and not only be brave and address my own PND but address other women's experiences of PND.

I was wondering whether any of you might be able to write a sentence for me about motherhood that I can incorporate into my work? Your responses would remain anonymous and I would invite you to view the final work either in a gallery setting (there will be a couple of exhibitions) or online, your choice.

I am looking for responses to the following statement:

'Motherhood took me by surprise because.....'

I just had this feeling of being completely unprepared and 'surprised' by the whole thing! Some of those were nasty surprises and some of them were amazing suprises.

I'd be really grateful if any of you feel you can respond either with a nice or a nasty surprise!

Best wishes


joanna0211marie Sat 24-Aug-13 18:38:18

I had imagined it as a bubble in which you were supposed to feel tremendously happy all the good day long, when in actual fact for 50% of it you mourn for your old life, you then look forward and realise there was no life before you saw the blue eyes search into your soul for the place she can call home. Mummy.

bottiejelly Sat 24-Aug-13 18:53:21

Wow, that's an amazing and positive quote. Captures the double-edged sword of it all. Thanks Joanna Marie


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