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Terrified by depression relapse during pregnancy

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GirlLeastLikelyTo87 Sun 14-Apr-13 21:15:48

Brand new poster, apologies for diving in with a moan but I am quite terrified that I am relapsing at just over 17 weeks pregnant with my first.

I have a long history of severe, treatment resistant clinical depression with a more recent history of psychosis, and I have been unmedicated since I discovered I was pregnant at the end of January. I was mostly fine until a few weeks ago, when I noticed I was starting to feel low all the time; this soon turned to feeling worse, and recently I feel terrible all the time.

I have had quite a difficult pregnancy physically also, and unfortunately my boyfriend has a tendancy to ignore me in favour of his smart phone. Myriad circumstances combine to make it harder to recover!

I am just terrified if I get worse I will be deemed unfit to look after my baby when it arrives sad

Horribly sad, scared, in pain, and lonely -.any reply.appreciated!

VisualiseAHorse Sun 14-Apr-13 22:03:25

You really really need to chat to your midwife and/or GP about this - she will be able to refer you to someone who deals with ante-natal depression. Best to get the balling rolling now, let your healthcare team know that you are finding things hard, and that way they will be able to help you before it gets 'out of hand'.

For what it's worth, I sufferend PND and psychosis after my baby was born last April. I was NEVER deemed unfit to look after him, even when I admitted that I thought of leaving him somewhere or giving him to a random stranger to look after smile

GirlLeastLikelyTo87 Thu 18-Apr-13 18:13:29

Thank you so much, that does set my mind at ease!

As it happened I got to a bit of a crisis point on Monday and was taken to see my psychiatrist who has prescribed a low dose of the most baby safe antidepressant and asked that I be in closer contact with my support team.

Already feeling less frightened and more focused on recovery!

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