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Is he right?

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Emmaw9 Sat 16-Mar-13 10:32:27

Last night my partner sat down and told me to make an appointment at the doctors as he thinks I'm suffering from postnatal depression.

I will admit now that I haven't felt myself but I've not really known what to do about it.
The things that have made him come to this conclusion is things that I have said / done which are not like me.
My son is now 14 weeks old (he was 3 weeks early) and I finished work 2 weeks before he was born (quite a stressful management job) and we moved into our house 2 weeks before that.
I cannot be in this house on my own once it goes dark. If I am I'll sit downstairs with the baby until my partner returns. I'll not go upstairs in case there is somebody / something up there. I can't look outside and shut all the curtains and any noise puts me on edge, to the point I'm practically crying.
I get so worked up when he asks me to go out and I'm ashamed to say I've hit him (I've never hit anybody in my life) and when he stormed out after an argument I got the scissors and cut all the strings on his guitars and put his clothes in bin bags.
This is completely out of character for me, yes we have argued in the past like any other couple but after a while we ended up laughing about it.
So last night my partner rang me from work and asked to go to the pub later on for somebody's birthday. I said we'll see. I worked myself up so much about bring home alone that by the time he got in I was crying my eyes out begging him not to go. He then promised only to be an hour just to be sociable and I couldn't stand it. I grabbed my car keys, ran out of the house and drove off. I went and bought cigarettes (not smoked for 11 months and don't want to) parked up and smoked one (then felt sick)
I stayed there an hour before going home.

This is when he said about postnatal depression to me, apparently he's thought it for a while as I keep doing stuff that isn't me. He wants me to go to the doctors. I thought he was over reacting until I think about whats been happening.
I was signed off sick for 4 weeks of pregnancy for stress and anxiety but that was due to work related issues.
I love being a mum and have an amazing baby.
Sorry for long post I just needed to write down my feelings somewhere and if anybody else has experienced this if they would like to share or give advice.

RedPencils Sat 16-Mar-13 10:37:52

I think he's right. You said yourself you don't feel right.
Make an appointment first thing on Monday, don't let it fester, it will only get worse.

meditrina Sat 16-Mar-13 10:40:10

Yes, he's right - you need to go and see the GP and tell them what you've posted here: you don't feel right, you are having violent outbursts, you are becoming excessively worked up about normal events, your DP is worried about you.

This does not mean you are not a good mother or do not love your baby.

Emmaw9 Sat 16-Mar-13 10:59:55

Thank you. It has helped writing it down as this is the first time I've spoke about how I feel. I don't think I wanted to acknowledge there was a problem. I still feel helpless. I also feel lucky that I have a partner who can be honest with me and wants to help.
Thank you for your advice.

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