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to kill off the sea monkeys?

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redshoesnoknickers Mon 24-May-10 12:14:07

DS got a sea monkry aquarium for his birthday from someone and last week I set it up and activated (!) the sea monkey eggs. All good - hatched and grew...DS no really bothered/interested.

My problem is that I thought it would be oooh look at them grow then they would die off in a week or sea monkeys are so happy they are mating and having babies!! When will it end!!!?

Essentially as DH pointed out we now have a jar of LICE in the kitchen. They are multiplying. What do I do? They are freaking me out but it seems cruel to stop feeding them...shall I just chuck them in the flower bed and be done with it?

oldandgreynow Mon 31-May-10 18:24:50

They are gross! I got DH to flush ours the tank was full of some hoorible mould stuff as well [shudders]

redshoesnoknickers Mon 31-May-10 17:40:48


DS just spilt all the sea monkeys on the kitchen floor shock

And I rescued them shock

Even though they are so odd I couldn't watch them die on the floor so I picked them up and put them back in the tank with some tweezers confused No special dust to treat the water though so i just put a pinch of malden sea salt in - not sure they will survive but at least I tried!!

The drama of it all!!!

KathyImLost Fri 28-May-10 13:54:41

I had some of these. I left them on the window sill (thought they'd appreciate the view). It was a sunny day and they fried to a crisp. In retrospect, their magnified little house probably didn't help matters.

redshoesnoknickers Fri 28-May-10 12:43:47

Year 3 at my kids school want them...but not til after half term so i'll have to be brave for another week!Apparently they have been trying to hatch some all term with no success...why am I the one with the magic sea monkey touch hmmconfused

Floight Fri 28-May-10 12:41:35

What did you go for in the end?

I have to know. this sort of thing scares me.

I would suggest though if you do freeze the buggers, to tell your progeny that they are not being deaded, but cryogenically retained.

Maybe if you melt it in a year they will start all over again hmm

Ryoko Tue 25-May-10 12:05:53

Leave the cute little brine shrimps alone, they are cool pets I had some lasted almost a year, they filthed up the tank so much tho I had to seek advice from a fish shop about water to sea salt mix for em and put em in a whiskey glass.

redshoesnoknickers Tue 25-May-10 11:32:41

Also even though they are foul sad at your "one lone sea monkey" minnisota

redshoesnoknickers Tue 25-May-10 11:31:45

Don't worry theboy they are NOT going in my freezer << shudder >>

No response as yet...funny that...the other stuff i've put up (old playhouse/buggy/trampoline/porta potty etc) has always been snapped up super quick...maybe Sea Monkeys are not as popular as you think wink

minnisota Tue 25-May-10 10:06:46

I have some triops and one lone sea monkey. One day I found some mosquito larvae in the triop tank so I just put the whole thing outside. Mosquitos flew away and the triops are still going strong in the garden. Snow, ice, rain, evaparating water. They just keep going. Maybe sea monkeys would do the same.

TheBoyWithaSORNedMX5 Tue 25-May-10 09:22:03

For goodness sake if you do freeze them, make sure you lable them properly. Otherwise in a few months time you'll be serving a most unusual jug of Pimms... grin

I didn't know they were sold as fish food. I do think that's the kindest way.

OldMacEIEIO Tue 25-May-10 09:15:03

Why not freeze them into ice cubes, give them to someone who can put them into an ex-bullies drink ?

I believe Cortina might be interested

Gracie123 Tue 25-May-10 09:05:05

How are you all so successful! Mine never hatch!

redshoesnoknickers Tue 25-May-10 09:02:53

I've advertised them on local netmums board - free to a new home...will wait til the weekend to see if anyone wants to take them away!

I feel like Doctor Frankinstein...i've created approx 23 monsters!!!

Hangingbellyofbabylon Tue 25-May-10 08:56:54

I reckon freeze them - it's the kindest way to go. Pour into freezer bag (tell children cos it's so hot) then freeze the lot to kill them. Months later when you re-discover the frozen bag of sea monkeyness you can bin it.

millimurphy Tue 25-May-10 08:51:47

Colditz - worms and headlice aren't packaged as minature pets. I do believe you have a choice when it comes down to Sea Monkeys. As for ants - I make sure there are no holes for them to get in by, lol.

OldMacEIEIO Tue 25-May-10 08:27:43

How cruel to think of flushing.
Lice arn't just for Christmas you know, they deserve to live a happy life, just like ,er..
puppies or kittens

redshoesnoknickers Tue 25-May-10 07:55:26

Oh the dilemma! Maybe I will offer them on a local notice board to see if someone wants to usethemasfishfood "adopt" them

I think maybe they are doing so well because they are on the window sill and it's nice and warm? If any of you live near Bournemouth and want to come and get them you are more than welcome... grin

Mermaidspam Mon 24-May-10 20:44:35

My dd (aged 3) once drank our sea monkeys blush

Hulababy Mon 24-May-10 19:57:00

Friend of ours did ask DD if he could have them for his fish tank, but she was having none f it.

monkeyfacegrace Mon 24-May-10 19:06:20

FGS they are brine shrimp, a common food in tropical fishkeeping.
Find someone with a fish tank. Bung in sea monkeys. I do it every day!

MintyMoo Mon 24-May-10 18:52:45

Dp's had sea monkeys for about 4 years now, I think one lot did die off about 2-3 years ago so he had to hatch a new batch. They don't take much maintenance, DP feeds them once a week, occasionally cleans out the tank when needed and re-oxygenates (sp?) the water every so often when needed. I think the latter two are fortnightly or monthly. I can't imagine life without sea monkeys now lol. It wouldn't take much to keep them alive, you don't have to keep them in the kitchen, DP had them in his bedroom for 3 years, now they're in the lounge. Maybe put them in DS' room? They're his after all!

MrsFawlty Mon 24-May-10 18:51:30

It made me chuckle!

TheHeathenOfSuburbia Mon 24-May-10 18:50:18

MrsFawlty, it took me a good few seconds to work out whether that site was a spoof or not. In the end, it was the accurate spelling that gave it away!

colditz Mon 24-May-10 18:49:42

they aren't native to britain. releasing them into a briny area could cause untold damage to our ecosystem, which is very fragile in estuary areas.

Look what happened to the red squirrel when someone thought the grey squirrel was too cute to be culled!

colditz Mon 24-May-10 18:46:37

oh milli, I suppose you don't treat threat worms or headlice either? Do you use teeny tiny little humane traps for ants?

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