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To wonder why all adverts for sanitary stuff is so crap?

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deaddei Mon 03-May-10 12:36:44

First it was the ads of women mastering all sorts of physical activity because they used Tampax- I have just seen a horrendous one of a towel fixed astride a bucking bronco thing- the inference being it will not come unstuck even if you're riding a stallion.
(are they called towels- maybe I'm showing my age. My mum called them ST's in a very low voice a la Les Dawson)

nickschick Mon 03-May-10 19:36:23

If the ads were too exciting Men would want periods too grin.

In our house Dh insists we say in a very low voice 'unwell' and tampax is quickly dispensed into a black soap bag and referred to as 'ladies things'hmm- you can imagine the shock he got when we returned home unexpectedly to find the dog running round dressed in my bra and knickers hmmblush.......teenage sons whod have em??grin

MadamDeathstare Mon 03-May-10 20:38:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nickschick Mon 03-May-10 20:41:24

oi my knickers arent that bad sad

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Mon 03-May-10 20:46:18

have a happy period

Now this is entertaining.

mummychicken Mon 03-May-10 21:02:23

I bought a mooncup on Friday - find out I'm pregnant on Sunday - won't be using it for quite a while - but I was looking forward hmm to a period with no bloody leaks (pun not intended) and not rustling whem walking.

Also does any one wear pants or have a crotch that the pads actually fit??

NathanBarley Mon 03-May-10 21:06:33

There did used to be a great one with a girl on the sofa, boyfriend offers her a cup of tea and she says 'oooh yes, let's all have a cup of MAGIC TEA!' I can relate to that.

NonnoMum Mon 03-May-10 21:12:17

Do you remember when SanPro adverts were allowed on TV for the first time? Claire Rayner chatting away. When was that? Late 80s?

Hey, ad agencies, mine would be something like this...

"Want to sit on a brand new white sofa? And maybe cross your legs? Then buy these, Menstrual Minnie. They work."

piprabbit Mon 03-May-10 21:18:29

I am refusing to buy Tampax Pearl on principal, just because it's advertised with that woman who looks a bit like La Beckham being visited with a little gift from Mother Nature. But does she have to stop posing for her all white photo shoot? Of course not, she is using Tampax Pearl.

As far as I can make out it's not very pearly at all, the main difference being the knots in the string and the shiny tube.

I would love to see Mooncups advertised on national TV. Little plastic tumblers filled with what appears to be Blue Curaçao.

NathanBarley Mon 03-May-10 21:25:22

You know what though, they are really quite good those pearl ones. Too expensive though, I am persevering with the mooncup even though I have a love hate relationship with it.

piprabbit Mon 03-May-10 21:28:59

I love my mooncup, right up until the moment I spill it down the inside of my trousers (still round my ankles). But I've not given up yet...

Valpollicella Mon 03-May-10 21:37:12

Love on that retro ad for Kotex linked to above there is a slip to send off for Very Personally Yours, a booklet that evry gil needs.. hmm

A link to the 1961 version

Off to have a read and see if there's any great gems...

NathanBarley Mon 03-May-10 21:38:32

The good thing about the pearl is that you don't get that thing with the applicator where it gets stuck and you can't push the bottom bit into the top bit iyswim. But they do seem very wasteful as you're throwing a piece of plastic away each time you use one. Hmmm, do you think the world is ready for a reusable applicator?

Valpollicella Mon 03-May-10 21:44:13

All seems quite reasonable apart from the line that should you wish to try using tampons, it's probably best to 'check with your mother of physician first' hmm grin

piprabbit Mon 03-May-10 21:47:44

Nathan, in a world where there are mooncups and reusable tampons (crocheted if I remember rightly) the idea of a reusable applicator is positively tame.

NathanBarley Mon 03-May-10 23:00:59

Great! I'm calling tampax with my idea.

This reminds me of an embarassing moment from school. In teen girls mags they used to have a coupon you could fill out to send off for a free sample of tampax. I filled one out but forgot to cut it out. Guess what the girls in my class found when my magazine was getting passed round in maths class the next day - yes with my name and address and everything. It seems silly now but I was seriously mortified.

Valpollicella Mon 03-May-10 23:07:29

Oh yes, there are the sponge things, so a reusable applicator is not woo at all grin

I can imagine the mortification Nathan. I remember how well I (and others) used to hide towels/tampons in our school bags for fear of them being found confused and effectively confessing to 'being on'

I think I have gone full circle now, and me and my manager both are vocal about it.

'I am in a freaking EVIL mood. Raging PMT. Sorry if I snap at you today'

'Thta's ok. I'll be the same next week'


<hobbling towards desk>

Log in and get an IM pop up:

'Hey hon you ok? Period??'

'Yes <sob>'

'Ok sweety, shall let you keep a low profile today. Let me know if you need chocolate or painkillers or something'

Heart my manager...

Kaloki Tue 04-May-10 08:56:04

I was the total opposite at school - very proud of being on my period. I was, I believe, the second girl to start puberty in my year. Despite the fact I looked about 5 years younger than everyone else, and knew that everyone had said I'd be last.

NathanBarley Tue 04-May-10 19:42:56

where can i get a pattern for crocheting tampons btw? grin

TheShriekingHarpy Tue 04-May-10 21:56:10

Message withdrawn

TheCrackFox Tue 04-May-10 22:10:43


piprabbit Wed 05-May-10 00:45:11

Drum roll, please......

da daaaa

piprabbit Wed 05-May-10 00:46:12

(that was for Nathan, obviously) blush

angelbabe1982 Wed 05-May-10 10:46:46

thanks for link piprabbit - did you see the 'make your own' section? Showed DH and he looked like he might throw up, while I just laughed at the group session the blurb at the top suggested.
whats wrong with a group chocolate session anyway?

piprabbit Wed 05-May-10 14:08:37

Now you can't say that MN isn't educational... grin

TottWriter Wed 05-May-10 14:28:37

When I've had DC2 I am so looking into reuseable tampons. Though I don't know I could manage on a medium flow only one. (Gah, sorry for the TMI!)

I'm so fed up with having to shell out for the damned things all the time. And it's sickening that we still have to pay VAT to not have menstrual flow trickle down our legs once a month.

Once this election nighmare is over, MN should focus on getting that dropped. I'd be behind them all the way.

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