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Manager taking the piss

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victoriascrumptious Fri 16-Oct-09 14:34:03

Yesterday I was told that I would have another 10 clients to manage. Consider that in my job a full-time worker has an average of 60 clients therefore I figure that as I work three days a week that I should have 3/5th that amount. Nope!

I now have a full-time client load on part-time hours. Yesterday when he gave me another 10 clients to deal with (and I took them without grumbling) I overheard him talking to a co-worker in the corridor (who was was querying his actions) and saying "It's a bugbear of mine, people who use pregnancy and children as an excuse".

What makes me so livid is that at NO TIME have I mentioned anything about my part-time status, my children OR my pregnancy. I just took what he had handed me with good grace.

Now i'm thinking of getting pissy as I wont be taken advantage of by some idiot chauvanist.

This is the public sector BTW not some small business struggling to keep it's head above water

StealthPolarBear Fri 16-Oct-09 14:37:55

yes, he is taking the p;iss
was he definitely meaning you though?It makes me angry when my boss keeps talking in front of my team about how I get full pay on mat leave. err no.

Singstar Fri 16-Oct-09 14:40:04

If its the public sector then you have the means to complain and (hopefully) be listened to.
What he said was discriminatory and regardless of whether or not you have children if your client base is too large for your part time hours you won't be able to serve those clients effectively. Would he have said the same about a man who was working part time hours. ?

kickassangel Fri 16-Oct-09 14:40:49

actually, i would log it & keep notes. if he then starts saying that you're not keeping up with the workload, it could turn into a sex discrimination case. he is victimising you cos of your pt status, and his comments revelas it's cos of his attitude towards women.

i think you should raise this, in writing. i mean, otherwise it's not fair on you or the clients.

TheCrackFox Fri 16-Oct-09 14:46:27

You have a good point there kickassangel. Whilst this is obviously unfair on the OP it is also unfair on the clients. And for what? so he can prove a sexist point regarding PT work and pregnancies.

OP, I would log everything from now on. Are you in a union? If so phone them today.

Does the manager have a manager? Or a personnel department? Arrange a meeting with his superiors.

victoriascrumptious Fri 16-Oct-09 14:59:47

Yes Stealth he was meaning me. I've known for years that he has a problem with ppl who go on maternity and p/t women.
The person who was querying his decision was a woman who manages the other half of the office.

I will log everything from now on KA-although I'm not sure where I would stand with logging a conversation that I overheard (and probably shouldn't have)

kickassangel Fri 16-Oct-09 15:09:02

if he said it in public, ie in the office, to a work colleague, then he should be willing to accept any consequences from it. it's not like you opened a folder morked 'strictly private'. he should watch what he's saying.

arse (him).

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