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Snappy Dog

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PigWhisperer Tue 29-Sep-09 12:06:15

Recently DD (3 years old) and I were walking on some open land which I thought was common ground. It is right next door to her nursery. A small dog came up and sniffed at dd, but its owners were nowhere to be seen. Just as DD bent down to the dog, we heard someone shout "dont go near the dog please" but it was too late, DD had already bent down and the dog went bananas and jumped up at her, snapping and growling. DD ended up with 2 scratches on her face.

As I ran over to DD the owner began yelling that we shouldn't be on the property and that it was private land. I hadn't realised this and not wanting to get the nursery into trouble I bit my tongue and apologised for being there, when really what I wanted to do was rant at her and tell her to keep her dog under control! Eventually the owner apologised for the dog and admitted it had happenned before and the dog had a problem with children.

I rang the nursery owner and explained the situation. She was very concerned and she said everyone should know it was private land and that she was concerned that she and the children would be barred from walking there in the future. The landlord of the land in question also owns the house where the nursery is based and has allowed them to use the land for little sports days etc.

Today, I drop my daughter off at nursery. Nobody asks how DD is, but I get a lecture on how I should not have been on the land (which I do know is wrong, but I genuinely didnt realise) and I might have spoiled it for all the other children. The nursery owner has also taken the dog owner flowers and sweets by way of an apology.

I feel like I have been made into the baddie here, when actually it was my child who was attacked by the dog. I expected som more sympathy and perhaps some thanks for not having a row with the owner and also for not calling the police after it happened.

Am I being unreasonable?

LaurieFairyCake Tue 29-Sep-09 12:12:58

well, you each have different and equally valid points of view.

The nursery owner clearly gets a good deal from the owner and they're a business so they are keeping their landlord sweet. That's up to them.

You were unfortunately on private land (which I guess should have been signposted) and while I appreciate you are upset about your dd it has nothing to do with the nursery owner.

I don't know what the law says with regard to going on private land and being attacked by a dog but I do think that also has nothing to do with the nursery owner.

Say for example the law was on the landlords side and it had been signposted as private land - what have the neighbours (ie.the nursery) got to do with it?.

If you don't think your dd is being cared for properly by them then that is again, a separate issue.

hatwoman Tue 29-Sep-09 12:18:59

some sympathy for dd or expression of concern would have been nice. but I don't think you can expect thanks for not having had a row - firstly because you were, basically, in the wrong (albeit unwittingly) and secondly because the nursery probably don;t know the details of your conversation...I expect all they know is that someone, with a small child, was trespassing.

PigWhisperer Tue 29-Sep-09 12:27:02

Thanks for replying, I appreciate it.

The whole area , including the nursery and the dog owners house is owned by the same local landlord. The nursery has been grated use of the same piece of land for it's outdoor activities, such as sports day and for walks, so the nursery owner is very concerned that this privilege will be taken away after this incident.

I was the one who phoned the nursery owner and told her what had happened.

hatwoman Tue 29-Sep-09 12:30:43

could you gently suggest that the nursery put a sign up telling people that the land is private, and is used by the nursery on occassions with permission of the owner, and by the neighbour/dog owner and should not be used by parents? if they want to protect their permission to use it, and if it's not all that clear that it's private it would be worth their while

PigWhisperer Tue 29-Sep-09 12:40:54

All the parents have had a letter today, explaining that the land is private, but yes a sign would be good.


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