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to think you shouldnt shout and swear at another parent stranger!

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especially infornt of kids.

I went for a walk today in the woods/park and dh, dd1 and dd2 has ran ahead. I was behide with buggy. Some man was walking between us, (me behide, dh infront, man in middle) on the path. I went to go round them and said exsuse me as i passed, but at that point he stepped infront of my buggy and it caught the back of his heal. I did say sorry and then excuse me again, and he started yelling at me shock, swearing and really horrible things said. i said I didnt want to agure with him, I had said excuse me but he hadnt heard and carried on toward dh and dd's. He continued to yell after me as i walked away.

AIBU to think this a total OTT reaction to someone clipping the back of your heel, especially a towards a woman with children around??

and yes i know its hurts too, happened to me more than once with dh pushing! grin

Pushingonthrough Sat 19-Sep-09 19:11:27

YANBU What a twat!

TeamEdwardTango Sat 19-Sep-09 19:14:48

The stranger, for example, is a twat.

ChilloHippi Sat 19-Sep-09 19:16:11

YANBU. I can't remember the amount of times I have caught someone's heel with the pushchair and, like you, I apologise, but no one has ever had a go. It's an accident. What an idiot he must be. Don't let it ruin your day.

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