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To want to push adults off microscooters?

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kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 10-Sep-09 10:35:01

yesterday evening, dd and I were walking back to our car. A prick of a man zoomed round us on his scooter and startled her so much she fell over. I shouted at him (in piss poor german) that he should excercise more caution and make some sort of noise as he approached behind. He made a rude gesture. So, should I now make it a policy to try to push as many middle aged tossers off their childrens toys as I can or let it lie?

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 10-Sep-09 10:35:47

Damn there being no facility to edit your message after you've posted it. I don't think you can approach from behind.

Hando Thu 10-Sep-09 10:38:30

I find it odd when adults ride these scooters. Sometimes if dd has hers out with us then I do have a go - under the guise that it will appear to passers by that she is too tired to scoot any longer. Natch! wink

I never get to scoot down the good hills though sad

Hassled Thu 10-Sep-09 10:40:05

I think you can approach from behind .

Yes, adults on scooters wind me up too. But then all scooters wind me up. Although not as much as the children on the scooters who shout "excuse me" as they clip your heels and then whizz past you.

ElectricElephant Thu 10-Sep-09 10:41:17

haha, no YANBU.

Hando Thu 10-Sep-09 10:44:12

Many grown men try to approach from behind. HTH.

MoonTheLoon Thu 10-Sep-09 11:22:21

YANBU - go for it.

When you get done for assault dont name me in your police statement - I will deny everything.

Washersaurus Thu 10-Sep-09 11:43:26

I want one for christmas so I don't have to continue looking like a nob jogging along behind my 2 boys on their mini micro scooters every morning.

I'm not a man btw and would promise if I ever had one I wouldn't use it without the children being present grin

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 10-Sep-09 13:27:41

It's the silent nature of the feckers. DD is not the most sensible girl in the world, but, she threw herself to the floor in a most dramatic fashion. The next twunt I see on one gets a shove in the solar plexus. Apart from the danger they look ridiculous.

paddingtonbear1 Thu 10-Sep-09 13:31:25

well I must confess to using one on occasion, normally when doing the school run with dd. If I'm going to collect her it's easier to ride the thing than carry it - ours is heavier than some! I don't go that fast though and always beware of other pedestrians. I have had a few comments but usually of the nature 'oh I wish I could do that'!

groundhogs Fri 11-Sep-09 01:04:18

Could be kinda cultural thing too... I know that in Holland, bike riders will never ring a bell, or sound their presence, if they clip you, unlucky... traditional bikes don't even have brakes!!!!

A dear friend says that whenever she sees joggers she feels almost compelled to stick her foot out to trip them.... she'd love your idea of pushing grown-ups off microscooters!!

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