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To finish work earlier than planned for mat leave???

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mosschops30 Sun 09-Aug-09 11:00:13

because dh rolls his eyes every time I mention it.

I am funding my maternity leave, alongside SMP as have not worked for employer long enough for full pay (by 11 days angry

The plan was to finish at 35 weeks, take 2 weeks annual leave and then SMP starts at week 37.
Have worked out that I can just about afford to manage if I finish at 31 weeks, 2 weeks annual leave then SMP starts at 33 weeks, so 4 weeks earlier than planned.

Im tired, fat, enjoying being at home just pootling around. It also means I can take ds to primary school and pick him up every day when he starts at the beginnning of sept.

So AIBU? When did everyone else finish? I do feel kind of lazy given that I finished at 39 weeks with dd and then 34 weeks with ds

bigchris Sun 09-Aug-09 11:02:17

yanbu at all if you can afford it

mosschops30 Sun 09-Aug-09 11:03:55

just, I will be about £100 down a month for the rest of the mat leave

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