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Hic! To think that MN is full of wonderful ladies?

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Maninadirndl Sat 18-Jul-09 00:05:55

The kids are asleep.

Our partners are not long after.

We love them all like mad.

But don't we all love MN also? Isnt't this a wonderful website? as a male I find tis site a HUGE source of support!

Long may it continue! (even tho I have to drag myself out of the bed tomorrow to get to the German bakery tomorrow!)

Wonderstuff Sat 18-Jul-09 00:07:06


Maninadirndl Sat 18-Jul-09 00:08:51

thanks babe!

mrsruffallo Sat 18-Jul-09 00:14:39

Ah that's lovely Maninadirndl
On that note I'm to bed G'night

BitOfFun Sat 18-Jul-09 00:16:05


< breaks into song >

Maninadirndl Sat 18-Jul-09 00:16:07

Gnight Mrsruff!

I bet -u check back!

DippyDino Sat 18-Jul-09 01:05:25

Without mumsnet I would not have discovered the joys of eco nappies

Or be looking forward to the Solfest festival

Nor would my Xmas shopping have been delivered anytime near Xmas.

Mumsnet showed me the way, and yea verily, it was good.

Boden is still a load of shite though.

Maninadirndl Sat 18-Jul-09 01:13:19

Whats boden babe?

Do you wear a nice tasteful bikini?

midlandsmumof4 Sat 18-Jul-09 01:19:34

grin at Maninadirndl-Boden.

Maninadirndl Sat 18-Jul-09 01:22:37

Boen as I understandit is bottom"!

Maninadirndl Sat 18-Jul-09 01:30:22

I know what a bottom is very well.

But a gorgeous one..........

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