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Georgetown massacre? - vegetarians of course

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Simples Thu 09-Jul-09 16:59:13


Simples Thu 09-Jul-09 18:21:02

it was near GEorgetown

princessmel Thu 09-Jul-09 18:23:25

What's with the vege stuff today Simples? grin

Simples Thu 09-Jul-09 18:23:50

god every other thread is bashing veggies

GentleOtter Thu 09-Jul-09 18:24:03

I think it was the arsenic in the juice as opposed to the tofu nib-nabs.

Simples Thu 09-Jul-09 18:25:50

it was Kool aid.
once sawa terribly disturbing docco on it and afterwards wish i hadnt

princessmel Thu 09-Jul-09 18:30:54

I can;t see any veg bashing ones that are not started by!

onagar Thu 09-Jul-09 18:32:12

If you cook and eat a vegetarian does that constitute a balanced diet?

southeastastra Thu 09-Jul-09 19:05:32

i saw the documentary too. though the band brianjonestownmassacre have to have the most insprired band name in the history of the world.

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