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to be annoyed (and to have complained) that the end of term lunch has been held not once but twice at the same child unfriendly pub.

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thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 09:16:59

This is a lunch that is organised by the parents association so that mums/carers of children at school can share a meal together at the end of term before the children break up.

Is it too much to ask that the venue should be suitable for mums with preschool children. I'm not talking about a ball pool in the corner - just the possibily of a high chair or the ability to bring a pram in.

Once is an oversight but twice hmm - so AIBU?

<crosses fingers and hopes not as has already sent a 'moany' reply to the invitation>

MrKrabs Mon 22-Jun-09 09:17:17

oh get a sitter

MelonCauli Mon 22-Jun-09 09:20:29

organise it yourself if you are that concerned. It's a lunch for mums not kids.

StewieGriffinsMom Mon 22-Jun-09 09:22:02

Message withdrawn

bigchris Mon 22-Jun-09 09:22:08

why would you be taking kids?
maybe you could suggest an evening thing if childcare is a problem

Qally Mon 22-Jun-09 09:24:44

Unless it's a childfree occasion, no, YANBU. Parents of kids at a primary school should be more aware than anyone of what a pain it is to arrange childcare, and how simple to have a venue that can cope with littlies.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 09:27:22

I'm not against the idea of a 'no kids' lunch it's just that on neither occasion was it intimated that this was one.

ChippingIn Mon 22-Jun-09 09:34:14

It's a bit daft isn't it, they really should know better or make it clear that it's going to be a child free event - making it 'childfree' by having it somewhere that children aren't welcome is thoughtless, at best or wimpish. How old is your little one? Can you not take him/her in a sling, or carry them in and let them crawl/run riot - making loud noises about it being much easier if only they had high chairs. Mind you, if it's in a pub I wouldn't want them crawling around (ewwwww) and unless I had someone who would love to have them for a couple of hours (grandparent etc), then I'd arrange an alternative for the ones who can't make the official one grin

Ignore MrKrabs - he (??) is just in a grumpy mood.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 09:44:50

The pub itself is very nice and the food is great but at Christmas time DS2(1.9) had to sit on my lap the whole time - there was no possibility of running around.

Some of the other mums held him on their laps while I hurriedly ate my cold lunch.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 09:52:05

Mr**Krabs - I don't do sitters.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 09:54:59

or MrKrabs even

(people who boldify names are just showing off grin)

BettyTurnip Mon 22-Jun-09 09:56:30


2rebecca Mon 22-Jun-09 10:00:28

If no-one else takes kids then I either wouldn't go or would get a babysitter. You can't talk whilst trying to feed and fuss over toddlers. This sounds like a social for parents not a mothers and toddlers outing.
Agree if it is supposed to be parents only they could publicise it as such.

SecretNinjaChipmunk Mon 22-Jun-09 10:04:44

could you get one of these so you don't have to have baby on your lap all the time? maybe an inflatable pillow to stick underneath to boost him upwards a bit?
fabric chair attachment thingy

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 10:13:13

Those are a good idea Secret but there was no space at the table for additional chairs last time.

This time on the invitation there is the opportunity of booking a chair for LOs which I suppose is an improvement.

SomeGuy Mon 22-Jun-09 10:35:36

Lunches should have the possibility of bringing along children. When it comes to dinners babysitting is expecting. So no, YANBU

SomeGuy Mon 22-Jun-09 10:35:46

expected even.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 11:21:07

There is the implied possibility this time 'round that you may bring children and they will be given a seat at the table.

But why go back to a place that was so obviously not child friendly last time?

Hence my hmm and crossness as I am not sure the invite was 'real'.

BitOfFun Mon 22-Jun-09 11:29:09

Perhaps you should have checked with the organizers? If your child was the only one there last time, it sounds like they expect it to be childfree.

KrabsInKustard Mon 22-Jun-09 11:30:20

your kids never go to a sitter?


How dull for you
I think they have planned it so your kids wont come - maybe they are making a point?

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 11:34:24

There were other children there last time but I'm not sure how many will go this time.

No family near, no immediate neighbours, hence no sitter.
All of my friends who live near have DCs so that rules them out as they will normally be going to the same events as me.

traceybath Mon 22-Jun-09 11:34:31

I don't think your are being unreasonable.

I use a babysitter at night but not in the day - not sure how easy it would be to find one either.

So tricksy - think i'd probably have to miss it.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 14:18:05

I am not going to go to the lunch but I'm peeved as I was quite looking forward to it until I realised it was the same place as before sad.

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