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to NOT want to talk on messenger everytime I get online....

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FairLadyRantALot Thu 18-Jun-09 12:44:49

...because I much rather read Mumsnet in peace

There is someone on my messenger and now Facebook that is kinda obcessively trying to talk to me....
now we have been talking over messenger a long time, and the person is nice and all that...
until recently it was easy enough to reduce chatting by just logging in as invisible...but the person found me on Facebook and added me as friend and well, I didn't have the heart to not add that person...

so, now it is quite difficult to try to avoid that person...

I work a lot on the computer (so, don't just mumsnet, lol) I am a student and do essays and research stuff...and if I forget to turn off a messenger or close down facebook page...there is that familiar "bing"...and if I say, sorry, am I am being questioned at times....

it is doing my head in, and I am starting to thing I just block that person...but that would be horrible...sigh...


do others have problems like this?

poshwellies Thu 18-Jun-09 12:47:54

Erm, don't sign into it or block said person-easy!

whoisasking Thu 18-Jun-09 12:48:52


I go invisible on all my "chat" places (including FB) and only message people if I'm in the mood.

starzzz Thu 18-Jun-09 12:49:20

on facebook you can change the chat thing to always show you as not available for chat(you can turn it on when you need to.)

madwomanintheattic Thu 18-Jun-09 12:49:48

just change your status to 'offline'...
a non-problem, really?

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 18-Jun-09 12:50:41

You can change your settings on msn or whatever so that it always signs you in as invisible. That way, nobody sees you and you don't have to remember to switch.

mankyscotslass Thu 18-Jun-09 12:53:01

I always have MSN or FB set to show offline at sign on, then I can pick and choose when I want to talk. smile

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 18-Jun-09 12:56:58

i change my msn on offline as soon as i sign in

or if in eve, i just type that its bhmf dh here and they reply ok and leave me in peacegrin

FairLadyRantALot Thu 18-Jun-09 12:57:18

oh, didn't realise that you could be signed in as off-line automatically in FB and Msn...must find out how...

on Yahoo it is possible...and I know how to do it there...and , unless my son has used my laptop to go on his messenger, I am generally signing in as invisible there, anyway...

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 18-Jun-09 13:01:19

fairlady - right click on your green msn and then click on status and it will say avaiable, busy, away or appear offline

click on appear offline, and hey presto you are invisable

you can see other people logging on, and if anyone sends you a message you can reply or ignore and they wont know if you are there

plus good as im on hotmail as email and then a message pings up when i have an email

mumoverseas Thu 18-Jun-09 13:03:57

I think you are lucky you can get on msn! I've been trying all morning and can't get on for some reason and neither can my DH who is 3,000 miles away so we have just had a very expensive phone call.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 18-Jun-09 13:08:03


sometimes that does happen, so i unplug wirelsss and then it works

try that mumoverseas

FairLadyRantALot Thu 18-Jun-09 13:09:31

thing is, that person is often on as I log, if I do that, that person asks why I was gone so quick, or stuff...think that eprson is a bit obcessed, lol...or just really bored....

mumoverseas..had no problems at all logging logs in automatically as soon as I turn the computer on...

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 18-Jun-09 13:15:50

i have a stalker friend like that

again i dont reply and then send an email or reply just as about to log off saying, sorry i missed them,just popped on to check email,hope they are ok etc

FairLadyRantALot Thu 18-Jun-09 13:16:44


PersonalClown Thu 18-Jun-09 13:19:14

You could always set your status as appear offline at sign in so you dont have to worry about someone seeing you before you 'disappear'.

FairLadyRantALot Thu 18-Jun-09 13:20:05

like I said...I know how to do that on yahoo...but not on msn....any tips...

PersonalClown Thu 18-Jun-09 13:22:16

When you get to the sign in page of msn, you know where you type your email and password... Your status is shown underneath.. change that to appear offline and you can be signed in and no one will know the difference as you don't appear to anyone!
Not even that annoying pop up box that says someone has signed in!

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 18-Jun-09 13:25:49

see like the box telling me people have signed in,as then if i DO want to speak to them, i can

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 18-Jun-09 13:27:06

fair lady - tunr off lappy, or restart, then when msn page comes on screen, clcik on box tp say off line and it will then always not sign you in

so i prefer my way better,so that i can see if people want me, hear emaisl etc - but they dont know i can

FairLadyRantALot Thu 18-Jun-09 13:30:32

oh, thank you...have set my setting to appear off line on just need to find it on facebook

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 18-Jun-09 13:39:09

cant help you with fb

im on it,but not a lot

PersonalClown Thu 18-Jun-09 15:01:21

Ahhh fb has changed so you can ignore certain people if you want to bother making the lists or just everyone in general!!

FairLadyRantALot Thu 18-Jun-09 15:20:28

personal clown...I have found the appear offline option on the fb messenger now....should be able to reduce the time I am pinged

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