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to be suddenly worried about dodgy ingredients in toiletries

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SebbysMum Fri 05-Jun-09 20:03:19

My sister in law said something about chemicals in cosmetics the other day, which got me googling. I can't find much authoritative information on how great the dangers of these chemicals really are, but I did find this:

This is brilliant because you can enter the name of your product and see a hazards rating for it. Was shocked to find some of my favourites right at the top of the scale for cancer causing additives.

AIBU to plan to throw away all the bad ones and replace with (pricey) organic alternatives?

If I am not being unreasonable, why aren't these facts publicised? Some baby products are way up there with the baddies too...

LaurieFairyCake Fri 05-Jun-09 20:08:11


Put in Prescriptives Calyx fragrance - it has a high hazard of 8 out of 10.

Probably because of all the essential oils which are hazardous if over consumed and the alcohol thinner.

Pretty much all perfumes are highly toxic.

So lets not drink them grin or spray a bottle a day into our eyes grin

nickytwotimes Fri 05-Jun-09 20:08:24

I think yabu, but I am sure there are people who will agree with your worries.
My Mum is obsessed with 'chemicals' (ie: artificial chemicals) in cosmetics, etc, yet she smokes 20 a day.

Go figure. hmm

The main ways to help prevent cancer are eating at least 5 fruit and veg a day, not smoking, drinking little alcohol and excercising. Many people I know prefer to focus on the scare stories rather than making lifestyle changes and actually putting some work in by improving their lifestyle. I am not saying this is you though, Sebby! Just an attitude I frequently encounter.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 05-Jun-09 20:11:35

Ha ha - all the Jason deodorant products get 10's. They are organic.

Another good reason not to eat deodorant.

simonec Fri 05-Jun-09 20:17:57

I totally get how you feel, since I fell pregnant (my DD is nearly 5) I've cut out a lot of main stream cosmetics and toileties.

You do have to bear in mind that every ingrediant no matter how natural does have a chemical formual, but I do concenrate on avoiding SLS and other petrochemicals - I just feel that I wouldn't want someone to pour petrol on me, so why would I want something similar?

I also try to eat healthier, and cycle to work (luckily not on busy roads so not inhaling car fumes) Trying to set a good example for DD.

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