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To fancy Zac Efron?

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monkeypinkmonkey Sat 18-Apr-09 22:57:12

Just been to see 17 again, and spent entire film perving. I mean how old is this guy 19/20? eeekkkk? Does that make me a perv? wink doesn't help when my 11 yo niece fancies him.

lockets Sat 18-Apr-09 22:59:01

Message withdrawn

serenity Sat 18-Apr-09 23:00:18


Which doesn't make me feel any less of a perve tbh. He's very pretty isn't he? *dies of shame*

paolosgirl Sat 18-Apr-09 23:01:06

No YANBU at all - he's very sweet boy. Def. would have been a poster on my that I'm 40 it just make me nothing more than a dirty old lady, sadly grin

KingCanuteIAm Sat 18-Apr-09 23:01:55

He is 22 but yes YABU, well, you are according to my dd who informed me today that "Mummy Love" for Zac Efron is just the most disgusting thing out there...

I asked her what if the Mummy was only 24 (for example) but that is still disgusting because she is a "Mummy" shock

Dd is 13 and I am single - I think she may resist if I am ever disgusting enough to try out another relationship grin

Sorrento Sat 18-Apr-09 23:02:55

Hmmm it is a bit wrong but get it out of your system now before you become like the weird mum in Mean Girls who dressed like her daughter and wanted to be her friend.
Or you could be Stiflers mum blush

saint2shoes Sat 18-Apr-09 23:02:57

oh he is yuck

cornsilk Sat 18-Apr-09 23:03:56

Agree with 2shoes.

monkeypinkmonkey Sat 18-Apr-09 23:08:10

KingCIam - pmsl
2 shoes I know he is not to everyones taste but after sitting through way too many HSM then this....
Sad I know. blush

serenity Sat 18-Apr-09 23:12:01

Now, I did actually agree with 2shoes until I was forced to go and see HSM3 at the cinema by the DCs. Sweaty, half naked and 20 foot tall forced a rather rapid change of mind (for me and my sister, maybe it was something in the popcorn?)

wheresclaire Sat 18-Apr-09 23:20:04

Sen him on a lot of interviews lately to promote 17 Again. Is he incredibly shy or totally arrogant? (Please let him be shy). Read last week that he asked Gabriella (Vanessa Hugdens) to marry him. Ah. HSM:The Wedding. Cant wait. It will be like "Saved by the Bell wedding" all over again.

monkeypinkmonkey Sat 18-Apr-09 23:25:31

Wheresclaire SAVED BY THE BELL!!! oh you've just made me remencess all over again!!! However if I remember it was Zack in those days?

wheresclaire Sat 18-Apr-09 23:28:20

And SCREECH. But recently saw him on youtube as a porn star. wrong. so so wrong.

monkeypinkmonkey Sat 18-Apr-09 23:31:11

euugh so very wrong poor begger.

wheresclaire Sat 18-Apr-09 23:37:27

You can fancy Troy Bolton. Its allwed. Personally, I like Chad. Mmmmm. Get your head in my game big boy!

KingCanuteIAm Sat 18-Apr-09 23:37:53

I have a nasty feeling arrogance is seeping in there now. He has spent several years now with woman and girls (and a fair few men from what I hear) lusting after him, not to mention the money, the whole of Disney falling over themselves... It has to have an effect somewhere! (For the record he is not my cup of tea but you can all get off him because dd is going to marry him... ahh, first loves grin)

Ronaldinhio Sat 18-Apr-09 23:38:30

you are very weird and surely your gaydar must have been tingling

lockets Sat 18-Apr-09 23:39:55

Message withdrawn

wheresclaire Sat 18-Apr-09 23:40:23

I was going to marry Corey Feldman. Or Corey Haim. First love...

monkeypinkmonkey Sat 18-Apr-09 23:43:57

Ahh well good luck to your daughter KingC. wink Heavens I dare say you would think arrogance would have set in by now, but is it ok if I keep on pretending that he is perfect like the 13 year old in me wants to?

monkeypinkmonkey Sat 18-Apr-09 23:46:14

Hell dont give a flying F if he's gay, not going to stop me thinking he is fit.

KingCanuteIAm Sat 18-Apr-09 23:48:54

Isn't that the whole point of liking people from the big screen MPM? You can maintain them exactly the way you want them to be - in fact it is an almost perfect relationship. grin

KingCanuteIAm Sat 18-Apr-09 23:50:32

Being Gay is a bonus in some ways, at least you don't have to watch them go off and marry some fabulous girl grin

Saucepanman Sat 18-Apr-09 23:52:21

YANBU, he is hot! I forget sometimes that I am not that old anymore, I am in my head anyway.

<snort> at wheresclaire and her Chad comment! tres funny grin

Bleatblurt Sat 18-Apr-09 23:58:35

YABVU, he is vile. Looks like Ken made real. <<barf>> Bet he's as 'formed' as Ken in the downstairs area too.

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