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To think that this simply isn't enough (regarding post natal depression)

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LucyEllensmummy Thu 26-Feb-09 20:32:56

This is the response the govt has laid out to a petition requesting more substantial care for the sufferers of PND and their families.

Maybe i have misunderstood this, but it would seem to me that the only additional thing they are proposing is to extend the amount of time new mums are visited by midwives and HVs.

They do not seem to be providing the SPECIALIST professionals that are required to recognise and organise treatment that women so desperately need. No mention of faster access to counselling or CBT. No specialist HVs and no apparent support for partners.

I had PND that wasn't diagnosed until my DD was 2. This was despite my HV informing me on her second visit to me after doing the new mums questionaire that i was in danger of becoming clinically depressed. That she would be back the next week - i didn't see her again!! Although on the occasion i did see her, she told me my life would be easier if i were to spend sundays doing cooking for the freezer and how she always used to cook up casseroles to freeze etc hmm. I feel that my PND got much worse than it would have done if it were recognised early and treated promptly. My DD is 3.5 now and im still on medication, i nearly lost my partner due to the pressure of it all, im still in counselling and only just considering reducing the dosage of my anti-depressants. So, for me, having further exposure to HV would have been a waste of time. I have read too many similar posts on here to think i am an exception to this rule.

I am disappointed by the response actually, but not altogether surprised - again, mental health, especially women's mental health seems to be at the bottom of the pile angry.

glitterstar88 Thu 26-Feb-09 20:47:03

YANBU. Havent clicked the link, but im very depressed at the moment have been for the last year or so. I went to see my dr, who told me to see my HV who told me to try and get out more etc. But there hs been no REAL support. I just feel like they keep trying to pass me on to the next person as if they cant be bothered to help at all.

I had a bit more support 3 years ago when DS1 was born but support from midwifes and health visitors seem non existant at the moment.

LucyEllensmummy Thu 26-Feb-09 21:46:18

bunp - glitter, i would go back to your doctors and stamp your feet. There is help available, but you seem to have to make a fuss to get it.

LackaDAISYcal Thu 26-Feb-09 21:56:26


I am in the lucky position of having a PCT that has very good mental health services provision and it really annoys me that other parts of the country don't have the same level of care that we do here. Our HV team have a mental health nurse attached who routinely visits all mums when the babies are four months old, sooner if your HV thinks you might benefit from her services. she is available on clinic days as well. We also have a very good perinatal mental health service. I saw my doctor at 33 weeks when i was pg with DD and got an immediate referral to them. I was under their care for eight months, discharged back to my GP, then self referred when pregnant with my DS a few months later.

If it can be done here, why not elsewhere in the country?

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