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To not love the sodding great big flower that keeps appearing at the top of my active convo's screen?

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WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 03-Nov-08 15:28:14

Or am I just in a really bad mood?

nickytwotimes Mon 03-Nov-08 15:34:24

Oh, I don't have the flower.
Bastards... wink
I suspect you may be in a really bad mood!

Threadworrm Mon 03-Nov-08 15:37:00

I have had the flower. I think it is quite nice to have all our irritated convos pushed aside by a giant flower. Prob part of MNHQ's peace and love campaign.

CuppaTeaJanice Mon 03-Nov-08 15:37:02

Nope, just a Boden advert.

Like I can afford Boden!!!

kitbit Mon 03-Nov-08 15:54:50

I don't have the flower.
I feel very un-special. wink

geraldinetheluckygoat Mon 03-Nov-08 15:58:27

me neither but feel glad as think i would also irrationally HATE IT!

Threadworrm Tue 04-Nov-08 10:23:18

it is the 'So Simple' flowers add. Should obv be coming up at side of screen but keeps sprouting right in middle of screen, pushing active convos down.

mishymoo Tue 04-Nov-08 10:24:55

Yes, it's annoying me too! Keeps blocking out active convo's!

zazen Tue 04-Nov-08 10:25:21

Yes, my ad keeps coming up at the side of the screen, pushing everything to the side also.

I'm going to turn off images in a minute!

TrinityRhino Tue 04-Nov-08 10:26:40

I have a phone advert
and I wish boden adverst would piss off

they cost a bastard fortune
looks like I'm in a bad mood too grin

Kewcumber Tue 04-Nov-08 10:29:41

bloody flower is pissing me off too. its pushing the thread down and hogging the screen over here...

Anyone read Day of the Triffids recently?

ThePFJ Tue 04-Nov-08 10:38:14

kill the feckin flower

nickytwotimes Tue 04-Nov-08 10:39:14

Oh, NOW I hAVE THE fucking flower.


I take it back - your anger is justified.

ThePFJ Tue 04-Nov-08 10:40:26


annh Tue 04-Nov-08 11:04:50

I want weedlikker for that flower!

annh Tue 04-Nov-08 11:05:36

Umm .... that would be weed KILLER obv! grin

StretchMarkCatherineWheelQueen Tue 04-Nov-08 11:08:13

I have it too, it's bloody annoying...!angry

bythepowerofgreyskull Tue 04-Nov-08 11:09:11

I have boden...
I want the flower!

Mutt Tue 04-Nov-08 11:09:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mutt Tue 04-Nov-08 11:10:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Tue 04-Nov-08 13:40:14

Oh I see now people did care.

<<feels better and bumps to allow another place for people to express FLOWER RAGE>>

pingping Tue 04-Nov-08 13:41:43

Opened this thread and the flower appeared :-/

DorisIsAPinkDragon Tue 04-Nov-08 13:59:06

flower is bloody much for mn policy of peace and love wink

filz Tue 04-Nov-08 14:00:08

well i started a thread this morning on the same matter but you have had more of response


<feels unloved>

WhereTheWildThingsWere Tue 04-Nov-08 14:05:02


filz I posted on your thread that no-one had replyed to my thread of yesterday on the same subject, iyswim.

Then I went off and resurected mine.

How needy are we? grin

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