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To expect a GP to spot tonsilitis so bad it prompted an ER consultant to say o my god they're huge following a febrile convulsion???

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Pheebe Sat 06-Sep-08 20:59:45

I don't think so!

Both dss saw GP about this weirdy temperature bug they've had all week. Spiky temps and gereral feeling crapness but not much more.

GP said ds2s throat was 'a bit red but nothing out of the normal'. 2 hours later he passed out in my arms and we spent the night in hospital.

2 senior docs saw him and both winced at the size of his tonsils.

Now I know there's no way GP could have predited the FC but how could he not have noticed the tonsils!!!

We're all back home now, ds2 is sleeping it all off and seems OK but I am so angry I could cry!!


pudding25 Sat 06-Sep-08 21:03:49

I would complain. It is not as if tonsilitis is something unusual.

My GP is lovely but crap. I had all the classic signs of migraines but she told me I had sinusitis for ages until eventually I paid to see a neurologist and it was sorted out quickly with medication.

My mum had to get her gall bladder removed and her gp had told her she was a hypochondriac!

I know that there are many good GPs out there but something as basic as tonsilitis should be easily diagnosed.
Hope DS is feeling better.

tiggerlovestobounce Sat 06-Sep-08 21:04:09

Sounds awful.
Good that your DS is feeling a bit better.
Is it possible that then tonsils got worse as your DSs condition got worse, might explain why the GP thought they werent too bad?

hatorihanzo Sat 06-Sep-08 21:29:38

I agree with tigger. I hate to be a pedant but let me take the time to explain temperatures and tonsils and your GP's possible reasoning. firstly i'm sorry your are so angry.

Simply large tonsils do not represent tonsilits: I have seen tonsils the size of golf balls in kiddies, it is not necessarily an abnormal finding, in fact it indicates a healthy immune system.

Large tonsils + fever does not necessarily represent tonsilits. (could be though)

Fever + INFLAMMED tonsils with pus +\- neck glands is tonsilits (or possibly glandular fever)

The question of viral vs bacterial is controversial. No way to tell with the naked eye (thought glandular fever looks slighlty different)

If it is a bacterial infection all antibiotics will do is shorten the duration of the illness, (but may not prevent a feb convulsion) In a child with a history of febrile convulsions a gp will probably err on the side of caution and give antibiotics.

As to the febrile convulsion, it is an awful thing for you and your ds BUT I don't think your GP necessarily missed tonsilits. Viral infections can cause febrile convulsions as easily as bacterial. The key is to keep the temperature down if you can with paracetomol, ibupofen, tepid sponging, fans etc.

Frankly I think it was unprofessional for the A&E docs to wince. Again sorry to go on so much. Not all GP's are shit.

Pheebe Sun 07-Sep-08 09:01:08


Thanks for the perspective smile All seems better after a nights sleep. The docs at the hospital mentioned tonsilitis as he does have white/yellow spots but we decided not to go with antibiotics as they still felt it was more likely viral as his brother has had similar.

I think what I'm still 'cross' about is that he apparently didn't see the inflammed tonsils at all, if not, why not and if he did why did he not tell me? I realise it likely wouldn't have changed anything, nor would antibiotics had he prescribed them at that stage but I somehow feel 'lied' to or at least mislead about my childs health.

On the bright side, he had a great nights sleep last night back in his bed, his temp is still spiking but not as high as it was so hopefully he's on the mend now. smile

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