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to want to boast.............................???????????????????????

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psychomum5 Sat 30-Aug-08 00:51:33

I have tonight done a cabaret, dinner dance fundraiser for the dance school my children attend.

I was in charge of selling tickets and an auction and raffle..............all to raise funds for sponsoring (sp?) the dancers into professional dance academies.............

to say I was terrified would be an understatement, and my dress panic was massive.....(I did get one tho, seen on m profilewink).


I RAISED...................(with the help of the other mum who was also doing it with mewinkwink).................


shockbloody super fantasticshock

<<only prob now is that we have got a lot to live up to!>>


FAQ Sat 30-Aug-08 00:52:16

wow well done grin

Kimi Sat 30-Aug-08 00:53:31

Go P5, you rock grin

nappyaddict Sat 30-Aug-08 00:54:06

lovely dress where is it from?

cornsilk Sat 30-Aug-08 00:54:18

That's brilliant!

Purplepillow Sat 30-Aug-08 00:54:54

Oh well done psycho grin

The dancers will really appreciate all your hard work I'm sure gringringrin

Bowddee Sat 30-Aug-08 00:55:10

BLODDY HELL! That's fantastic! Not just the amount raised, but the ability to do it aswell!

psychomum5 Sat 30-Aug-08 00:55:57

thankyou all

I am on such an high!!!!

dress is from TK Maxx........£30.....

nappyaddict Sat 30-Aug-08 00:57:15


psychomum5 Sat 30-Aug-08 00:57:24

oh, plus my eldest DD did a dance ballet solo......I cried, as did MIL.....she has such talent.

I know she is mine, but.............


(In the best way, <<sob>>)

nappyaddict Sat 30-Aug-08 00:58:12

oooh did you take a video?

cornsilk Sat 30-Aug-08 00:58:58

your dress is gorgeous - is it a posh label?

anniemac Sat 30-Aug-08 01:02:00

Message withdrawn

psychomum5 Sat 30-Aug-08 01:02:36

pics and videos were taken I thinkhmm....will need to check that, alto they normally do.

dress was Morgan

Kimi Sat 30-Aug-08 01:03:43

One question...

Who let you out of your box?

nappyaddict Sat 30-Aug-08 01:04:57

ooooh i want to see them on youtube NOW grin

Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 01:06:50

Well done! smile

psychomum5 Sat 30-Aug-08 01:06:56

rofl kimi....forgot about my box!

no to youTube.......well, for tonight at leastwink

Kimi Sat 30-Aug-08 01:07:57

I take my hat off to you P5

VinegarTits Sat 30-Aug-08 01:09:29

good on ya

needsupport Sat 30-Aug-08 01:16:37

i knew you would make it a success because your wonderful xxx

psychomum5 Sat 30-Aug-08 01:17:29



and also..................., 'cos I am proud of me!!!!

stealthsquiggle Sat 30-Aug-08 01:42:08

So what happened to dress #1 with the stuck zip - have you taken it back, or is that tomorrow's project?

Well done all of you (and especially you grin)

psychomum5 Sat 30-Aug-08 01:46:17

ah, I did do a thread about that.......I thouight first port of call was try and see if they would take it back, before I attempted more breakage mending it.

they took it back!!!!

hence the new dresswink. I did ask opinions tho, and not many responded to reassure.....but DH said I was just diggin for complements and was gorgeous already ((in his eyeswink)), so did not need MN's thoughtshmm.

I disagree, tis always good to have women's opinions!

still, am on a high now, and got bought drinks by other men......


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