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to think the parents of horrid Henry and crybaby Peter should.....

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Kimi Fri 29-Aug-08 10:25:29

Get a dog instead grin

DS2 is so loving watching it, I just think OMFG if they were mine I would lock them/me in the cupboard under the stairs grin

3andnomore Fri 29-Aug-08 12:06:50

my es loves the books...oir loved them...he is outgrowing them now

AvenaLife Fri 29-Aug-08 12:09:03

I feel quite sorry for Henry. sad The only time he gets attention is when he's being horrid. They always put him down and think the worst of him. Peter's annoying and pushes Henry. ds likes to watch them, they do my head in. Wrong in so many ways.

muminthecity Fri 29-Aug-08 18:05:05

I love Henry, Peter gets on my bloody nerves though. My dd is obsessed, she originally asked for a Horrid Henry party for her 3rd birthday. I have managed to persuade her that a princess party will be much more fun grin

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