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To be hoping that DH finds it hard work for a few days?

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AbbaFan Thu 21-Aug-08 14:56:56

So DH and DC's went off camping this morning, for 4 nights. I decided not to go because it's so bloody wet and I have 100 million things to do at home.

DH hardly ever spends more than a few hours along with the kids (7 and 4).

Is is mean to hope that he finds it really hard work grin

Also I am secretly loving the fact that I will have some ME time for a change.

TheCrackFox Thu 21-Aug-08 14:59:40

Enjoy your me-time. I would imagine that your DH will have a new found appreciation of you from now on.

dal21 Thu 21-Aug-08 15:24:54

You do realise that however hard it finds it, he won't actually fess up to it and will be along the lines of 'i don't know what you mean, they were delightful'

that's when you smile sweetly and say, 'well darling, how fantastic...I think that calls for a bi-annual camping trip just you and the kids'


p.s. how long before you start to miss them...and their noise...and mess...

deste Thu 21-Aug-08 16:19:04

If he finds it easy he might do it more often.

cheshirekitty Thu 21-Aug-08 17:10:07

PARTY, PARTY, PARTY...Throw open the wine bottle, nice bubble bath and watch a load of rubbish on the TV. Enjoy the rest, you deserve it.

justaboutagrownup Thu 21-Aug-08 17:11:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog Thu 21-Aug-08 17:11:49

So would i!
Enjoy the peace.

AbbaFan Thu 21-Aug-08 17:32:00

Oh yes I will miss them, but their noise and mess - noooooooo

I am lovin the peace at the moment.

theirmum Thu 21-Aug-08 17:34:18

How long do you think he will last i give it till tomorrow morning grin

twofishes Thu 21-Aug-08 17:42:14

envy envy envy envy envy envy

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