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to think when you are waiting to get past someon/something that the person behind you should wait for you first

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FioFio Wed 13-Aug-08 17:36:38

Message withdrawn

DoubleBluff Wed 13-Aug-08 17:37:45

You should have

Shitemum Wed 13-Aug-08 17:41:41

I agree with you. I think sometimes people think that you are just dithering, they havent really 'seen' the situation. Or they think that as you have a child with you you are going to take ages to move.

Also they are dicks.

littlelapin Wed 13-Aug-08 17:42:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mustsleep Wed 13-Aug-08 17:54:21

i awlays shout "excuse me" really loudly when someone does this grin

hate it even more when someone shoves past you an then gives you a dirty look for not moving , open your bloody mouth and say excuse me please!!!! angry

FioFio Wed 13-Aug-08 20:18:29

Message withdrawn

ChukkyPig Wed 13-Aug-08 20:31:37

I was at some cash points in canary wharf once. There were 4 in a row but there was one queue for all of them IYSWIM.

Some bloke came and stood in front of one of the cashpoints, making his own queue of one!

Naturally I was horrified and said in a loud voice "excuse me there is a queue here (young man)". He looked at me and said "how terribly english" in a sneering tone and then looked a bit nonplussed and ran off. Twat.

I was very pleased with having spoken up, and turned to the rest of the queue with a raised eyebrow and smile to bask in their appreciativeness. Unfortunately they were a japanese couple and some people talking spanish, who looked at me as if I was nuts.

Never mind though, I think I did my bit for upholding both old fashioned values and the British way of doing things!

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 13-Aug-08 20:35:26

pmsl chukky

MsSparkle Wed 13-Aug-08 20:47:21

I had that when i was going up the escolater into Asda. It was one of the ones that don't have steps, they are just flat. I was going up with dd holding her hand as she is only a toddler and these two people pushed past dd nearly knocking her over so they could get 2 seconds ahead of us. I said very loudly "You say excuse me please when you want to get past, not just sqeeze past nearly knocking my daughter over!"

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