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That parents going to the Theatre should have a bit more common sense

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christywhisty Mon 21-Jul-08 14:13:03

Took DD 10 to see High School Musical at Hammersmith Apollo. Outside they were selling light sabers about 3ft long which light up and flash.

Unfortunately I got stuck behind 2 little boys about 6 or 7 who were with indulgant grandparents, who had bought them one each. During the first half they started turning them on and then started waving them, which was right in my view of the stage. I asked the grandparents to stop them and give them their due, they did. But little boys being little boys they couldn't stop fiddling with them. Then got to the last 2 songs , We're Flying & We're All In This Together and they got them out again and were waving them right in front of me again blocking my view, so completely ruined the end for me and DD. I wouldn't have minded if they just waved them when the cast came out for the ovation.

Also think they were dangerous for epileptics as they flash.

I did have a moan to the one of the managers afterwards. He was really sympathetic, they have been trying to get rid of the illegal sellers but they call the police who clear them up, but they are back within 20 minutes.

Also they had already banned whistles, because they were a problem. I suggested they make an announcement along with the turn off your mobile, asking parents to make sure their dc's don't turn on these swords.

HonoriaGlossop Mon 21-Jul-08 14:23:31


Of course they shouldn't have been playing with lighsabers during a performance - how annoying!!!

kerryk Mon 21-Jul-08 16:17:58

they are a pita but at our local theatre they actually sell them inside before the performance then at the interval peeople walk around selling them.

falcon Mon 21-Jul-08 21:07:56


I could just about see allowing them at a concert but during a theatre production?angry is incredibly dumb and rude to the rest of the audience and the actors.

I once saw a girl who was 4 at the very most wearing a Belle dress during the evening performance of the Rocky Horror Showshock

I'm no prude but that's completely unacceptable.

And I very much doubt that the poor kid enjoyed it.

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