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to be pissed off with my mil??

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2littlemonkeys Tue 15-Jul-08 09:54:39

I have 2 dd's aged 2 and 4. My dh's family live 120 miles away. The last time we went to see them was january due to various things, eg my dh is self employed so works almost every weekend, birthday partys, we have a 5 month old puppy who is car sick and also the cost has been a factor with petrol going up and us havin a car that drinks petrol like i drink wine lol.

It was my dd's 4th birthday in feb so mil,sil and dn came to stay the weekend had a lovely time etc, they went home and we never heard any thing from them i rang sil to ask how dn was as she had chicken pox and also my dd2 had them aswell.

So again a few weeks went by still never heard from them dh gets the odd call on his mobile, but nothing on the house phone. Then we found out from another family member that dh's mum and dad had gone to visit dh's sister who also lives about 150 miles away, and this really irritated me as dh dad has not been to our house since dd2 was 2 weeks old.
So it was dd2 2nd birthday 3 weeks ago and again mil, sil and dn where supposed to be coming for the weekend but canceled at the last minute as sil had a cold, so dd2 had no birthday gifts from them.
We then got a phone call last night saying mil had taken herself to dh's sisters on her own to spend the weekend with them angry(btw they have no children)

So first of all sorry for the rant but there is loads more to it but i would be here all day lolwink, my maine gripe is my dd2 always loses out where dh family are concerned and i think if mil could get on a train to see sil then she could of come here to see her grandchildren with the birthday prescent she says she has (dh has 2 sisters)

cornsilk Tue 15-Jul-08 10:02:56

I understand that you'd feel left out - but she will have a different relationship with her own daughters and will be more comfortable with staying with them.
Do you see your own parents very often?

2littlemonkeys Tue 15-Jul-08 10:07:55

Yeah see them all the time and so do the kids. But she will also be staying with her son and her grandkids x

Gateau Tue 15-Jul-08 10:12:13

YANBU. It goes with the territory to be (constantly) pissed off with your MIL.
I can't stick mine.

bozza Tue 15-Jul-08 10:18:18

Think it works both ways tbh. It doesn't sound like either of you are putting in that much effort. You have not been since January yourselves but complain about them not coming to see you.

MsPontipine Tue 15-Jul-08 10:20:02

Could you not get on a train and go there? At least one of your daughters would travel for free. A family railcard could also reduce costs. It's lovely that you are so keen for them to see your daughters so why not go without your dh sometimes?

2littlemonkeys Tue 15-Jul-08 10:28:21

Where they live is a very small town which dosent have a train station and not much else to be honest, mil and fil dont drive so getting from the train station would be a problem or we could ask other family members to pick us up but then there is the problem of car seats. The main reason we havent been to see them is because dh works most weekends and is self employed so no work no money.
I have said to dh i will drive down on my own for the day with my girls just to try and make peace but he is not keen on me going by myself.

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