Aibu to sit on my bed?

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mummumumumumumum Wed 28-Jul-21 22:01:51

I have 3 children aged 12,10 and 9. We have 2 downstairs rooms and 3 bedrooms.

The children are in the front room watching tv/playing switch etc.

My husband has fallen asleep watching telly in the middle room. He watches his programmes in there.

I've fetched my laptop up stairs and I'm sat on my bed, doing some work and watching netflix.

Husband has come up saying I'm hiding away from the children and it's ridiculous that I come upstairs away from them.

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thumpingrug Wed 28-Jul-21 22:20:51

Seems like a sensible thing to do and he's in no position to talk about hiding from teh children. At least you remained conscious.

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Wed 28-Jul-21 22:22:22

Why does he get to fall asleep in another room and you can’t even watch tv?

Aquamarine1029 Wed 28-Jul-21 22:24:11

I would counter that it's ridiculous for him to fall asleep on the couch. Who in the hell does he think he is?

IonaLeg Wed 28-Jul-21 22:24:36

Does he think he’s having quality time with the children by sleeping in a room next to them…?

Wellonlyifihaveto Wed 28-Jul-21 22:26:09

He’s a bit of a twat is he not? confused

Hellodarknessmyoldpal Wed 28-Jul-21 22:30:28

Eh? I don't understand why he would even say that? Does he think ch of that age need close supervision when watching TV?


mummumumumumumum Wed 28-Jul-21 22:32:25

I've been at work, I only do 6 hours a day 9-3 to fit around the children and he does 8 hour shifts. One of the kids asked where I was and he said " upstairs because she's so tired after her entire 6 hours at work" he's off this week

He's had a go at me, saying I can't be bothered with the children anymore and I don't look after them, just hide upstairs.

They don't really need or want me to be hanging around them all the time. I don't understand what the problem is. They're all perfectly capable of walking upstairs or shouting me if they need anything

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LawnFever Wed 28-Jul-21 22:33:12

But he’s doing the same thing watching tv in another room and falling asleep, why does he think it’s ok for him to do that but not you?

Wellonlyifihaveto Wed 28-Jul-21 22:39:35

He only does 2 hrs more! Tell him to feck off

toocold54 Wed 28-Jul-21 22:45:39

Sorry I forgot you must stare at your children 24/7 to be a good parent!
If you spent all of your time in your bed watching Netflix and they weren’t fed or clean then he’d have a point but at their ages they’d prefer to do their own thing. I barely saw my mum when I was that age as I was either out or in my room playing.

AmberIsACertainty Wed 28-Jul-21 22:49:09

I don't understand what the problem is.

It's him.

Googlewasmyidea1 Wed 28-Jul-21 22:50:24

Sounds like he resents having to do anything with his kids but he expects you to

BlackeyedSusan Wed 28-Jul-21 22:52:55

hypocritical twat.

yep, agree with pp, he is the problem.

bonfireheart Wed 28-Jul-21 22:54:03

At those ages the kids are entertain themselves, wash and feed themselves so why do they need their mum next to them at all times?

And as as single parent, I would recommend being single haha. DD and I spend plenty of time together and yet I don't have to be glued to her, if I'm on the bed watching netflix she will bring me tea or a snack, much more useful than a husband!!

pleasedonttextmyman Wed 28-Jul-21 22:58:03

the youngest is 9 confused

I am sure if the kids need you they find you easily enough!

Not only it's normal, but it's healthy to give your kids a bit of breathing space. The whole point of not living in a studio flat if you can afford bigger is to have your own space and be able to be in different rooms and different floors.

Is he feeling guilty not bothering with his own children or something?

Meraas Wed 28-Jul-21 23:17:04

God he’s a twat. How can you stand him? I’d want to tell him to piss off you sleeping hypocrite.

GalaxyGirl24 Wed 28-Jul-21 23:18:07

He's a hypocrite falling asleep in another room. If the kids are fed, watered and content then why the hell can't you have an hour or two to yourself!? They are of an age where they can (hopefully) be left to themselves for a bit

Hope you told him about his business, especially with the comment about your 'whole 6 hours at work' bullsh*t. No need.

Justilou1 Wed 28-Jul-21 23:19:45

Poor diddums obviously had his nap disturbed. Tell him to sleep on the fucking bed instead of colonizing the whole house then!

Snowfalling Wed 28-Jul-21 23:24:34

Was he always such a disrespectful, controlling weirdo, or is this a recent thing?

He wants to assuage his guilt by having you spend time with the dc. So parenting by proxy.

RainyDay2020 Wed 28-Jul-21 23:25:43

Knob (him not you)

LouLou198 Wed 28-Jul-21 23:30:44

Not unreasonable at all, and something I often do! Your children aren't toddlers that need constant supervision!

ScarfsForAllSeasons Wed 28-Jul-21 23:54:46

He is being ridiculous and an arsehole by speaking like that to the kids.

RightOnTheEdge Wed 28-Jul-21 23:59:16

He's an absolute knobhead. I hope you told him where to go OP.
Threads like these make me so grateful to be single.

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Thu 29-Jul-21 00:47:04

He’s one of those who has to make sure you’re on high alert at all times, so that he can relax, is he?

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