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Has your Local Authority sports centre opened its outdoor facilities?

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nestvest Mon 29-Jun-20 08:56:54

In my area (SW London borough), private sports centres have opened their outdoor facilities, but the LA sports centres haven't. Their outdoor facilities in parks (e.g. tennis) that are outsourced to a private company are open, but not the facilities in sports centres who have council staff. Presumably it's cheaper and easier to keep sports centre staff on furlough than to partially open the facilities. But its very frustrating for clubs that use council facilities. They could be getting back to training.

Is it the same where you live? I'm interested in whether it's just a local blip or the same everywhere.

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nestvest Mon 29-Jun-20 11:41:34


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NathanNathan Mon 29-Jun-20 11:52:02

Also SW London. Tennis courts in parks etc open. Other outdoor leisure stuff, football/netball courts don't seem to be open.

Skihound Mon 29-Jun-20 15:30:11

Our LA dry ski slope hasn’t opened, the others across the country are open but as ours has a pool and gym (not same complex). They are waiting until they can open all 3 we are going to travel a fair distance to get kids back training

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