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AIBU to think about going to an attraction

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Howcanwehelp Mon 22-Jun-20 15:26:40

Like the rest of the world we've not had our holiday and days out this year. Now things are opening up I was talking to dh about visiting an attraction like Chessington zoo for a day out with dc. Dh is against it and wants to stay at home. Is it too early to be visiting attractions even though they are open?
In other news, anyone know if merlin annual passes will have a summer sale this year?

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ClosedDoors Mon 22-Jun-20 15:49:00

I've booked zoo tickets. You have to book in advance online though.

Redshoeblueshoe Mon 22-Jun-20 15:52:36

Chester Zoo reopened last week and they limited the tickets, so anywhere doing that will be fine.
On the other hand we went to a local park over the weekend and it was really busy. I've never seen it so packed

AHippoNamedBooBooButt Mon 22-Jun-20 15:55:56

We went to an english heritage property last week, and will return to more when they open in July. I'd happily go to the zoo.

We had chessington tickets for april, so as soon as they reopen we will go.

Have a lovely day out

DinoGreen Mon 22-Jun-20 15:57:36

I took DS to Chessington zoo on Friday. It was very well set up, temperature checked on arrival, hand sanitiser everywhere, lots of markings on the ground and one way systems. It’s so big that it was easy to keep distanced from other people so I’d recommend it - the ticket price is much lower than normal too while the rides are still closed!

EnterNight Mon 22-Jun-20 16:24:48

I mentioned our small local zoo to DH last night. He's working a 4 day week so I think we'll go and have a wander and look at the penguins on Friday.
I think they need all the support they can get at present so go for it.

SomewhereInbetween1 Mon 22-Jun-20 16:29:00

I work at a visitor attraction and we've just re opened with very limited numbers, so far no incidents and everyone seems happy about the amount of space they have. You should be fine 😊

trappedsincesundaymorn Mon 22-Jun-20 16:32:50

Chessington is fine. Pre-booked tickets only to regulate the number of visitors, temp check on arrival, hand washing/gel stations everywhere and the wearing of face coverings is advisable but not mandatory. There are members of staff guiding people and ensuring safety measures such as 2m rule are followed. Go enjoy yourself.

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