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Mumsnetters! Online dating - your help/tips/advice/stories please!

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moregherkinsplease Wed 10-Jun-20 09:04:49

Mumsnetters! Just as the title says! I'm ready to start dating after being widowed - how do you avoid online dating being awful? Can anyone recommend some? I may have simply watched too much Catfish! Can you share your success stories? X

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MarvEll Wed 10-Jun-20 09:33:55

I met mine of guardian soulmates, because meeting a political lefty was very important to me... It's old style online dating and my partner was actually the first person I dated on there. Now we're having a baby! But it's closing at the end of June so you have to sign up quickly!!
My friend tried Hinge recently and quite liked that and another friend sweated by Ok Cupid

Milkshake54 Wed 10-Jun-20 10:52:40

I’ve been with my now husband for 6years, we met on plenty of fish, however I wouldn’t generally rate that website and except for my husband, generally my experience on there was pretty shocking... however I do have another couple of friends who all met their partners on there around the same time - and they are all getting married now too!
I thought okcupid was good generally. I paid for match for 3months and didn’t speak to / meet a single soul! So I wouldn’t recommend in my experience.

Since then the world of online dating has become more normalised and there are more avenues, I’ve heard positive things about hinge and bumble.

Advice wise - always meet in public, let a close friend know where you are and that you have an online date.
And just go with the flow, I would say if someone sparks your interest arrange a date sooner rather than dragging out long communication over the app / WhatsApp etc.
Enjoy! And go with the flow! ❤️

JustC Wed 10-Jun-20 10:56:32

OP, I think there is a thread in Relationships called Living La Vida Lockdown, or similar, where this is the subject, and they are advising eachother. Good luck!

moregherkinsplease Wed 10-Jun-20 19:22:26

Thank you I will look that thread up now! It seems exciting and terrifying all at the same time!!smile

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