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Covid tests unreliable for young kids

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asmallplace Tue 09-Jun-20 10:12:49

Posting here as not had much response or covid board and curious to know peoples thoughts/experiences.

Spoke to my housemate who is a dr and he's really shocked that people are being asked to do their own tests. I had to do a nasopharyngeal swab on my son, and did it wrong. Test came back inconclusive. He gave me a lesson on where the nasopharyngeal cavity is and the specific part of the cavity that the swab needs to be taken from. He's had a phone call with one of his colleagues earlier and I could hear him talking about it. His colleague said 'are you joking?!' When he realised they were asking people to do their own swabs. His words were 'you can't possibly expect people to do that to their children?'

Anyone else find this really worrying? Lots of false negatives. Lots of inconclusive results. He was under the impression that all of the test sites had military or trained professionals doing it.

Just been to repeat the test and he came with me. I watched him do it whilst I held my son's arms down. He was surprise by the fact that they didn't provide a small swab for kids as the one they gave us was what he would've used on a fully grown adult. He also said it would be highly unlikely that an untrained person who is emotionally attached to the person they're performing the test on could do it properly.

A tricky one as the people doing the testing would be at significant risk so I can see why they're doing self tests.


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