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Don’t want to wake up

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Canyouhelpme Tue 09-Jun-20 01:26:06

Just want to go to sleep and all the pain to end. Have been having chronic pain in my head as you can see from previous thread. AI forgot a conversation I had with my mum today, I’m 22. Don't think I can cope with this anymore.

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Euclid Tue 09-Jun-20 01:29:39

Keep going. Think of your Mum.

ThisShitDontMatter Tue 09-Jun-20 02:04:42

Sorry Im new to this - I cant see your previous thread. Are you under a neurologist? On meds? Have you tried the cold pack on your head etc? I too suffer from chronic pain in my head, had a migrane so bad it was like a mini stroke and GP rushed me to hospital. When they are really bad I feel so sick!

Sorry if this is no help I really just wanted to offer sympathy?

ChangedMyNameToday Tue 09-Jun-20 02:27:42

Poor you, op, I'm sorry you're feeling like that- it sounds auful. Any kind of pain in your head is horrible. flowers I remember your other thread-please get back to your doctor, and let them know how bad it is- you shouldn't have to be feeling like this, without better support .

Don't feel you can't call 999, tonight, if it's unbearable, even if you've had some investigations, if it's getting worse.Or an emergency doctors number.
You shouldn't be in such a state you're not wanting to wake up, poor thing,

I do hope you feel better, try and rest as well as you can- but either phone someone tonight- or if you don't get medical help tonight- contact your doctor tomorrow and tell them how you were feeling and that you were in such a state you were not wanting to wake up, and you need better help. Hope you feel better, soon flowers flowers

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