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to be pissed off with dh

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abittoofat Sun 07-Jun-20 13:55:08

DH is currently not working due to CV. He normally does his fair share of house jobs, mainly cutting the grass, and cooking are the biggest ones.
Now he has decided to use this down time to take on a building/diy project which he has always wanted to do. It is something only he will use when it's finished. (If I say what it is, people might guess who I am.) I'm fine with this, as he now has time on his hands which is rare.
BUT. I am now supposed to take up his house duties. OK, I am prepared to grant him this -cos I am nice- BUT, he also wants us all to eat at 9pm so he can do a run after he's finished working on his project.
So the plan is I cook for us all (me, him + 2 teenagers) and save his for later to eat on his own.
During lockdown we have all enjoyed eating together as a family, which hardly ever happens normally.
AIBU to be a bit pissed off?

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gamerchick Sun 07-Jun-20 13:58:49

Your plan is fine. He doesn't get it all his own way. I'd be mega pissed off if I wasn't allowed my tea until the middle of the night because of a whim.

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