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To ask how your child’s managed with a father becoming absence during childhood.

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A82971151 Sun 31-May-20 20:26:00

Posting here for traffic.

DS is nearly 10 and things with his dad haven’t been great for a while. I split with his dad when I was pregnant and he did always see him but his dad has never been the type of dad who had him for full days or weekends (his dad has never been interested in that, just a few hours here and there). But he did see him mosts week, birthday, Christmas etc and they did have somewhat of a relationship. But things have slowly dwindled out. Mainly since he had his children with his partner. It’s so sad.

I also have a long term partner who I’ve been with since DS was a baby so he does have a father role in his life.

Over the last year or so he’s only seen him a a handful of times for an hour or two at a time. Between Christmas and lockdown he seen him once and hasn’t seen him at all during lockdown despite only living a few miles away. I know everyone has a different opinion on whether children should visit their other parent during lockdown but we’ve barely had a phone call to ask who he is.

It’s really looking like this will be the long term future too!

I’ve never had my dad around. I’ve never met him so I can’t miss what I never knew.

But I’m worried about DS and how he’ll feel about this. He will very much remember a time he seen his dad and then it pretty much stopped.

May I ask how your children have coped with anything like this as they get older?

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A82971151 Sun 31-May-20 20:32:20

Absent *

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