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To ask if you had a small first baby...

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MoxyRio Fri 29-May-20 14:17:47

...then were prescribed baby aspirin in your next pregnancy, how much bigger was that baby?
Weights and gestations would really help me compare.

ListenLinda Fri 29-May-20 14:30:02

Hi, my first was born at 5lb10z, tiny little scrap of a dot. My second was 7lb8oz. First was a girl, second a boy smile

ListenLinda Fri 29-May-20 14:30:26

Both born at 39+1 via C section.*

Downinthedumps99 Fri 29-May-20 14:43:46

My first was 5lb, further 4 i had asprin with next and he was 6.12 and heperin injections, thins blood like asprin, they was all over 6 and a half lbs

Downinthedumps99 Fri 29-May-20 14:44:27

That meant to say asprin with 2nd then heperin with nxt 3

WorriedFTM1 Fri 29-May-20 14:52:42

I had a baby with severe symmetrical IUGR (4lbs at 38 weeks) but haven't had a subsequent pregnancy so cannot answer your question. I replied to say that you should join the IUGR Support Group UK on Facebook and ask your question there as you might get a lot more responses (and support if you need it). Its a closed private group so you need to request to join and membership will not show to any of your other contacts on Facebook.

recycledteenager24 Fri 29-May-20 14:54:56

first was 2lb7oz [28 wks] and 2nd was 9lb 12oz both c sections as were the following 4 dc they averaged out at 9lb each.

Soubriquet Fri 29-May-20 14:55:50

First was born at 38+4 and was a girl weighing 5lb 13oz

Second born was on track to be a good sized baby until he stopped growing at 35 weeks. Had to have daily monitoring for 2 weeks and was given a sweep at 37 weeks. He was eventually born at 37+ 3 weighing 5lb 4oz.

He did drop to 4lb 13oz but he was ok.

sassbott Fri 29-May-20 14:57:06

First baby born at 37 weeks 5lbs. (Waters broke)
Second baby born at 38 weeks (contractions started early) much healthier weight 6lbs 5oz.
Did not take aspirin or anything else for the second pregnancy.

LordGribeau Fri 29-May-20 14:57:27

My first was 5lb 8oz, (36 weeks), second was 7lbs 3oz (40 weeks), and third was 7lbs 1oz (37 weeks).

Robs20 Fri 29-May-20 14:57:34

My first was 5lb13oz at 40+6. Babies 2 and 3 (twins) were 5lb13oz and 5lb14oz at 36+6. I took aspirin until 36 weeks in the second pregnancy.

Spied Fri 29-May-20 15:08:57

First 5lb7
Second 5lb 8
Both induced 39 weeks
No baby aspirin.

PicnicPie Fri 29-May-20 15:11:13

6lbs 1 and 6lbs 3 born at 38 +6 both DDs born 18mo apart

Spotsonmyapples Fri 29-May-20 15:11:17

Following as after my first IUGR 5lb baby I'm pregnant with my second on aspirin.
I'm a bit scared to ask this question, did you take aspirin from early on? I was told to take it by my previous obstetrician from 12 weeks, my current obstetrician disagreed and then changed their mind so I was only started on it at just before 15 weeks. I've done some reading and I'm worried I missed a key window.
My last baby was early and small because my placenta had failed.

PicnicPie Fri 29-May-20 15:12:24

Ignore mine just saw the bit about aspirin blush

IdentifyasTired Fri 29-May-20 15:13:10

I had 3 small(ish) babies then took aspirin when pregnant with with no.4

DD1: 6lbs 6oz at 41 weeks
DD2: 5lbs 11oz at 37 weeks
DD3: 5lbs 4oz at 37 weeks
DD4: 7lbs 3oz at 40 weeks

ComDummings Fri 29-May-20 15:13:45

First 5lb12
Second prescribed aspirin baby was 6lb2 at same gestation. Both c-sections at 37weeks, first EMCS. No health problems with either baby.

sleepwhenidie Fri 29-May-20 15:14:15

First, DS1, just under 6lbs, with little legs (literally and relative to other measurements!) he was monitored during pg but all fine and no action taken. 9th centile on chart.

DD 8lbs, smack on 50th centile

DS2 was teeny tiny, not even on the chart from 20 wk scan. Scanned fortnightly, diagnosed IUGR, no medication prescribed. Induced at 37 weeks due to low fluid and he weighed 4lbs (0.4th centile!) but perfectly fine apart from a little jaundice. He has been on growth hormone therapy since age 5, now age 10 he has caught up and is similar size to his peers.

OwlBeThere Fri 29-May-20 15:15:35

My first was 4lb at 39 weeks. With aspirin my second was 7lb at 37 weeks and the third was 7lb9oz at 38 weeks

MoxyRio Fri 29-May-20 15:19:13

My consultant prescribed mine after my 12 week scan, so I’ve been taking it since about 14 weeks.
No advice on when to stop but I have a growth scan at 36 weeks so will ask then.
I was told to take it as it thins the bloods which helps the placenta work more effectively, I didn’t realise there was a window.

Thisisthelifewevebeengiven Fri 29-May-20 15:20:25

First ds was born by emergency c section at 34 weeks weighing 3lb 11oz I was prescribed aspirin with ds2 who was born at 39 weeks (elected c-section) weighing 7lb 14oz.... it works!

ittakes2 Fri 29-May-20 15:20:44

Sorry I only had one pregnancy but I had ivf and had my blood thinned (I have a pro thrombin clotting gene) throughout. I was on either heparin or aspirin the entire pregnancy. My boy/girl twins were born 36 weeks and 1 day and were both 90 plus perecentile for height, one was 95 percentile for weight where the other was 50 percentile for weight.

CatteStreet Fri 29-May-20 15:20:50

My heparin baby (due to recurrent mc, not growth issues - I think I also took aspirin at the beginning) was the longest pregnancy (10 days overdue) and the smallest/lightest baby (26g over the low birth weight threshold!) of my three. Perfectly healthy, though. We're a small/light family.

Daftodil Fri 29-May-20 15:21:10

First: 39+6 weeks, 5lb 11oz. Induced due to preeclampsia. Tracked along the 2nd centile line at all weigh ins.

Second: 38+5 weeks, 7lb 10oz. Induced as growth had tailed off. Born on 50th centile and now on 91st (1 month old today).

Both boys.

I took 75mg aspirin daily although partway through my pregnancy the guideline changed and now 150mg aspirin is recommended. I continued on 75mg throughout as growth scans showed he was big, so you could discuss dosage options with your gp if you're worried about dose.

walkingchuckydoll Fri 29-May-20 15:42:01

May I just add to this thread that bigger babies don't have to mean a difficult labour? My brother was 6lbs and had shoulder dystocia. I was almost 9 lbs and was out in two pushes without a tear. Same goes for my SIL, lighter baby was more painful.

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