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Ginbunny1212 Wed 20-May-20 20:57:06

Broke up with my ex in January. We have kept in contact. Broke up as we got busy and distance. Also he has issues with his daughter and ex which meant he would go silent on me for days. It was always their fault, not taking responsibility for what was happening. I got fed up of someone not letting me in. We got on really well, just maybe not compatible as partners.

We still chat. Met up a few times. Not awkward and as we were, but without the sex. When lockdown happened, we did discuss moving in together as we get on, I work in nhs crazy hours and it would offer emotional support to both of us. It didn’t happen due to my nhs work and travelling. He is off work at the mo and his reasoning was he could look after me.

He moved in with another female friend. She plastered all over Facebook what they were up to, but not tagging him. It seemed to be a secret. I knew He was there as his cats and some of his distinctive stuff was in the pictures . Looked like they were in a relationship.

I asked him and said she was like his sister. I had never heard her mentioned before, and I little peek through her Facebook, she was with him when he said he was with a male friend. I stopped texting him as seemed he lied. She contacted me and said they were just friends. I ignored.

Anyway, we have started texting again. He is back home. He was asking why I stopped. Told him he lied and looked as tho he started seeing her when with me. He said just friends.

He said he realised we were good together and he messed up. Etc. Said she tried it on Once when they were drunk and they did mess about that night, but realised he wasn’t into her so left. She fell out with him and all traces gone on sm. we are back chatting.

Yesterday, I left my phone at home. He texted me a few times to see if I wanted to go for a walk. Then random stuff. Obviously didn’t answer as at work. He then left food at my door. Had an important work event today. He texted good luck. He never did that. He suggested meeting for a walk soon.

He has now finally opened up to me. Telling me stuff, trying to explain his behaviour. But I am conflicted as he was always talk and no action. Seemed to get distracted by new things, rather than enjoying what was in front of him.

I am not too sure he is texting lots as bored. Or wants to reconnect. I am wary but like him. Has he changed or just wanting attention? Does a guy text a lot, especially his ex if still not interested?

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Fairenuff Wed 20-May-20 21:00:07

He lied to you. Then tired to justify it.

You don't need that. Forget about him.

Fairenuff Wed 20-May-20 21:00:54

*tried to

zscaler Wed 20-May-20 21:01:25

Tbh it sounds like he’s just looking for entertainment when he’s bored. He has already messed you around a lot and hasn’t shown any sign of changing his behaviour. I think you deserve more and should steer well clear.

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