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Can anybody advise me

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CHIRIBAYA Mon 18-May-20 09:10:27

If you mum has capacity I would get the POA (finance AND health and welfare) in place ASAP ie start ball rolling today. If she doesn't have capacity I'm afraid you are left in an incredibly vulnerable position and the answer to your question is no. Have you rented before? We had to do the same for a relative and renting a property is not easy, it is incredibly highly regulated and you will need LOTS of time sorting it out. It's very, very stressful.

Clappingforjoy Sun 17-May-20 18:34:25

The money would be hers

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ArbitraryNameChange Sun 17-May-20 18:02:41

I wouldn't without a deputyship. It's her house not yours and if she hasn't got the capacity to set up tenancy agreements etc I doubt you'd gave the right to obtain money for rental.

You're going to need a deputyship to sell the house anyway if she doesn't have capacity

Clappingforjoy Sun 17-May-20 17:40:51

Hello my mom is in a carehome and we cant get her house sold due to lockdown and it been questionable as to whether she has capacity to sign the forms does anybody know if we are able to rent it out without power of attorney etc

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