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On what level is this shit? And stupid?

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P999 Thu 14-May-20 16:19:04

Quite right. He's a shit of the highest order and would love to shop him to the authorities (although the consequences might just be a pissy little fine?)

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LakieLady Thu 14-May-20 16:15:17

YABVU to expect anyone involved in tax avoidance schemes to have any morals or social conscience. wink

Your ex's brother is a complete sociopath, and I hope he gets Covid. It's no more than he deserves. And I think your ex should isolate when he gets back.

P999 Thu 14-May-20 16:09:26

Am furious. And need some perspective and advice. I co-parent with my ex who asked me a week ago if he could take a break from childcare duties for a long weekend. I found out today he was planning to fly to France to stay in his brothers fancy pants holiday villa for a short holiday break. It turns out his brother has been inviting friends and family and writing fake letters to say his guests were travelling for essential business. And offered to do the same for my ex. I have obviously told my ex to fuck off (in slightly diff terms). The brother has also been travelling back and forth to UK. No idea how he has persuaded authorities he does essential business given his company specialises in tax avoidance schemes. Just needed to vent. And comments to help me calm down.

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