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To say I'm terrified of the next 7 months

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Leaannb Thu 09-Apr-20 00:36:56

I'm a Nurse. I've been a Nurse for 25 years. I served in the USAF as Trauma Nurse and I'm freaking terrified. Not only because of this freaking ass virus but now they have released the Hurricane Prediction forecast. We are completely screwed if we get hit by a hurricane during this time. Its going to be a living nightmare. Having to deal with no power for weeks,no water in many cases,no petrol,no food,no charcoal. Thats not even including all the property damage that will happen. Our children have been out of school since March 16. If we get hit by a bad storm during the season there is a good chance that our children won't get back to school until after Christmas. Its terrifying to many of us to think best case scenario is that the kids will only miss October just like usual. But with the Corona Virus that is only just starting here.......I can't even imagine what the carnage that will be during this time. I'm freaking terrified

GreenTulips Thu 09-Apr-20 00:39:06

Where are you?

Leaannb Thu 09-Apr-20 00:43:19

The States

GreenTulips Thu 09-Apr-20 00:50:34

I’m not surprised you are terrified. It sounds horrendous over there for normal people let alone front line staff.

I was watching the CNN news and they say you have enough ventilators masks and equipment for current need. They also said America is in good shape and where they expected to be.

I was also surprised people are allowed groups of less than 10 for meet ups etc.

They really aren’t putting what’s needed I to place and I feel so sorry for you, your family and work colleagues.

Leaannb Thu 09-Apr-20 01:08:53

@GreenTulips My area has everything we need right now. We have the vents,beds and PPE that we need. At least for right now. My area is just starting to ramp up so we have very little shortages. Unlike NYS,Washingtin State,Florida and of course Los Angeles. We are under a shelter in place order unless you are an essential worker which is completely ridiculous. Only because everyone I know is an essential worker. Even my 17 yo. We aren't going through the isolation that so many of the British People are facing. I still see my friends,my family except the one on your side of the pond. Not too much has changed yet. The State has said we should be peaking at the end of next week but still extended the Stay at home order just to be sure. I'm just really terrified of a storm hitting because everyone's hygiene goes down when you don't have power and water for weeks on end. That would be the doomsday nightmare for us right now. If a storm hits the virus will win here

elp30 Thu 09-Apr-20 06:19:39


I live in a Gulf Coast state and it does worry me too. A hurricane decimated my city back in 2017 and many people here hold their breath during the whole season afraid of it happening again. I know I do. Add CV19 and we are all feeling seriously anxious!

Sadly, there isn't a whole lot we can do but to prepare ourselves as much as we can. But I get it, it's frightening!

olympicsrock Thu 09-Apr-20 06:24:53

I’m a doctor. It’s all well and good saying that we are fine as we have enough PPE. It’s absolutely awful working wearing PPE - claustrophobic, sweaty and uncomfortable .

Tulipstulips Thu 09-Apr-20 06:51:11

Are you still planning to fire any of your workers who have to self isolate?

Marnie76 Thu 09-Apr-20 07:33:31

Tulipstulips who is that question for?

GreenTulips Thu 09-Apr-20 08:30:34

How are you all still seeing each other yet expect a peek next week? Your figures are rocketing. I’m not sure your country are taking it as serious as others.
We are isolating.
We have had some many people come forward locally to help the NHS with masks and gowns even one man bands, they have created groups to coordinate the effort. We have alcohol manufactures switch to hand sanitizer. We have school staff switched to mental health call centres (working from home) people are all pulling together to help out.

It seems to me your health workers stand alone and with everyone still going about as usual you’ll have a long way to go.

Ilovemypantry Thu 09-Apr-20 09:20:33

What does “shelter in place order” mean exactly? Is it the same as what we are calling “lockdown” in the UK? If it is, how come you are still seeing friends and family? Our lockdown here is pretty strict but may need to go further if people continue to resist the guidelines.

I cannot imagine how frightening it must be to have the fear of a hurricane thrown into the mix as well, it’s scary enough just having this awful virus to deal with.

ShesGotBetteDavisEyes Thu 09-Apr-20 09:51:05

God, having to contend with all this and hurricanes too - you have my sympathies OP. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as you think. Sending best wishes to you across the pond.

HighNetGirth Thu 09-Apr-20 15:09:46

I saw a report on the likely hurricane situation and I do not blame you for being scared. Sea temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico are very, very high and the whole of the Atlantic is warmer than usual. The omens are not good.

Tulipstulips Thu 09-Apr-20 18:30:32

@Marnie76 the OP posted recently to say she’d fire any of her employees who refused to work. She has a company that provides carers. I know it’s poor form to bring things over from other threads but really she was being extremely callous and unfeeling about other people’s fears and now wants sympathy for her own.

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