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Currently waiting for help. Panicking. Help

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Spanckd Wed 11-Sep-19 11:46:09

Sat waiting to talk to a local charity about the domestic abuse I've been through. They're running 30 mins late and I've been sat here thinking things over. Worried I won't be able talk about what's happened. Heart is racing. Worried they won't believe or take me seriously. Anyone any advice? It's taking all my strength to not get back in the car and leave

HeyitsPorscha Wed 11-Sep-19 11:48:10

Well done you can do this. You will be believed. Good luck xx

Shoxfordian Wed 11-Sep-19 11:49:29

They'll believe you
You're strong

BiBiBirdie Wed 11-Sep-19 11:50:55

Nice deep breaths. They will believe you, they know what they're doing.
You are already so brave just contacting them
You can do this, we know you can.
Sorry but very unMN hugs and shoulder squeeze

regularbutpanickingabit Wed 11-Sep-19 11:51:23

Use your phone notes to write down bullet points so you have something to focus on. Don’t panic, just concentrate on breathing in and out. You are very brave to get through that door. That’s amazing. You can do this.

BadgertheBodger Wed 11-Sep-19 11:51:36

You’ve done so well to get there. It must have taken a lot of strength to make that decision flowers can you be strong for just a little while longer? You will be believed, you will be looked after.

YetAnotherSpartacus Wed 11-Sep-19 11:53:01

They will believe you and they will also understand if you find it difficult talking. They will also be trained in helping you talk.


And well done for taking this step.

MrsMozartMkII Wed 11-Sep-19 11:53:39

A handhold from me.


bellabasset Wed 11-Sep-19 11:54:30

Breathe deeply, jot down bullet pointsof the issues you want to raise. The people seeing you will be trained and experienced.

Good luck

HepKestrel Wed 11-Sep-19 11:56:30

hand hold. you have this flowers

Bettyswitch Wed 11-Sep-19 11:57:02

They will believe you!
You’ve got this op... you have faced far worse than this. Might not feel like it now but your on the home stretch, life will get a lot easier shortly!
Best of luck flowers

ineednewhair Wed 11-Sep-19 11:57:55

Good luck. Deep breaths: in through your nose, out through your mouth. Repeat.
You can do this. They are here to help you do this.

tommycockles Wed 11-Sep-19 11:58:14

Wow! Big step. You should be proud. Lots of Mumsneters wish you Well!

SnowsInWater Wed 11-Sep-19 12:10:09

They will believe you, please don't leave x

LeysaV Wed 11-Sep-19 12:13:57

I never had the courage to go to such a place to begin with.

Hang in there OP, you have made the first of many steps.

Best of Luck

LeysaV Wed 11-Sep-19 12:15:15

And as PPs have said, they will believe you.

I am looking into volunteering at such a place, not as a counsellor as not qualified, but just to be there for somebody suffered what I once did (was mainly gaslighting, emotional and psychological abuse)

SirVixofVixHall Wed 11-Sep-19 12:19:24

Of course they will believe you OP. You are being very brave.

ReanimatedSGB Wed 11-Sep-19 12:21:03

They will believe you, and they will understand that you are scared and finding it difficult to talk Because you are not alone. Good luck.

Mummyoflittledragon Wed 11-Sep-19 12:30:13

I hope it’s going ok for you. flowers

gavisconismyfriend Wed 11-Sep-19 12:30:33

Hang in there. You’ve walked through the door and that’s the hardest step - you’ve got this!

Antonin Wed 11-Sep-19 12:36:56

In a way OP it’s a good sign they don’t run exactly to time — means they give their clients the time that they need. They know it’s not easy to consult them and you will be genuine.
Good luck. Be strong, you’re on the home stretch to a new and better future

mumofthemonsters808 Wed 11-Sep-19 12:37:36

Deep breaths, you can do this, well done for getting through the door, your minds playing tricks on you, stay glued to your seat no matter how anxious you feel, don't give in, you've got this.

MouseInATelescope Wed 11-Sep-19 12:44:37

You are exactly where you need to be and it's really inspiring!

I've been through it too and I just can't get myself there.

Please stay strong and get back to us (I know how scared and upset you must feel) xx

Smrahc48 Wed 11-Sep-19 12:45:23

Don’t leave, you’ve made the most difficult step. Sending love and strength

bloodywhitecat Wed 11-Sep-19 12:46:12

They'll believe you, good luck OP, I hope it goes well for you.

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