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To go from a house to a flat

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Thegracefuloctopus Wed 14-Aug-19 15:19:58

Both 2 beds 1 bath, saving us 220 pound a month.

We've been offered on the council, currently private renting. Our current home is not baby safe, bad state of repair, no bath, twirly stairs which don't fit stair gates, awful layout.
Flat as far as we know is 2 double beds, 1 bathroom with shower over bath, new kitchen diner. Flat is 2nd story in a 2 storey block in a block with 4 other flats. Went and drove by earlier and communal areas look a bit shabby, just concrete steps and hand rail which I don't know how much that should be read into. Doesn't appeal loads.
Parking is avaliable however apparently high demand and sometimes pushed to get a space. We have 2 cars (need both) but dh has looked at possibly parking slightly further away with his run around and walking back (5 mins ish).
Would loose garden but we don't use it lots anyway as also not child friendly.
Would very much be a stepping stone for us as cash is tight but this would allow us to save for our own place.
Flat is pretty much in the center of a historic quiet town, have been told by others its a nice area. Online pictures of recent sales look lovely.
We've also realised we would have a lot more useable space as kitchen in house also isn't child friendly.
Am I being really unreasonably uppity about the communal areas? Is it really the case that once you close the door its home?
We could carpet throughout (currently wood floors, again, not baby friendly) and decorate as we like. Luck of the drawer with neighbours I guess.
Current landlord reluctant to repair anything broken for us.
Help us decide. I think that's all. Anyone gone from a house to a flat?
Oh, baby currently climbs the stairs every 5 minutes and it drives me mad!! We would also gain a hallway, currently front door comes straight into living room which is the only use able space.
DS nursery and my work travel would be similar but dh would have to do a bit lore travelling, not loads.
WWYD please.

Tried to give as much info as I can to avoid dripfeed.

ChocolateTea Wed 14-Aug-19 15:24:30

I'd go for the flat personally. The move from private to council secure tenancy would sell it for me, especially if the area is OK as you say.

Thegracefuloctopus Wed 14-Aug-19 15:25:21

Oh yes I forgot to say, the security of council tenancy is a large factor

user1483387154 Wed 14-Aug-19 15:27:46


missyB1 Wed 14-Aug-19 15:35:12

Definitely move, the flat sounds fine.

Gingerkittykat Wed 14-Aug-19 15:38:50

Move, I moved from a house to a flat and it's gone well but I'm also on the ground floor with my own doors and gardens.

There's some noise, you need to put up with reasonable levels to keep the peace.

It will help you build your future.

GreenTulips Wed 14-Aug-19 15:39:51

Are you the sort of person to make the effort to go to the park and get out and about with friends? If so I’d go for it!

The only down side is the second floor while the baby is young, that will soon fly by, and won’t be an issue in a couple of years, and you’ll lose the pram.

Thegracefuloctopus Wed 14-Aug-19 15:45:46

My plan re buggy is to either use baby carrier a lot which I do anyway and/or leave the buggy in the car and use as I need it, just set it up from the boot and carry DS up the stairs until he can walk up them

Thegracefuloctopus Wed 14-Aug-19 15:47:06

Oh and yes we do go for walks, national trust and the parks etc. More so than using current garden. And there is a green opposite that can be used for picnics etc if we like

itsahardknocklife87 Wed 14-Aug-19 15:49:25

I'd take it for the pure security of a
Council tenancy over private renting plus you can use the cheaper rent to save for a deposit. It's a win win to me.

Smilingthru Wed 14-Aug-19 15:52:21

If it means you can save for your own place, then I’d see it as a temporary measure and go for it. X

Expressedways Wed 14-Aug-19 15:59:50

I’d definitely move- a council secure tenancy is much better than private renting and the monthly saving is significant. Different scenario but we went from a 3 bed house with garden to a 2 bed city centre flat due to an overseas move and we love it.

I’d change the pram to something lightweight/easy to carry if parking isn’t guaranteed as there’s a very long period in between too big for sling and able to walk upstairs independently. I got the YoYo and it weighs nothing and has a shoulder strap.

Oh and sorry but I think you’re crackers for replacing wooden floors with carpet with a baby! It’s so easy to keep wooden floors clean and they’re perfectly baby friendly.

Good luck grin

ColaFreezePop Wed 14-Aug-19 16:06:13

Look at the primary and secondary school catchment areas then decide.

If the schools you can get into are good in the new area then move.

Should add I live in London so most places have a mixture of social rent, private rent and owner occupied housing. If you live in the right location regardless of what you live in then you can get into very good schools.

Oh and get rugs that you can chuck once they get too grubby to keep clean to put on the floors not carpet.

IsobelRae23 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:14:36

I went from private house to housing association flat, my dc are older though and I do have front garden and tiered back garden. For me it was the best thing I ever did.

Toilet leaking- someone out with two hours
Boiler not working during snow- had engineers out within an hour
Old kitchen- got to choose my own new one
Old bathroom- as above
Mould growing in porch- all replastered etc with 4 weeks of my saying about it

I won’t bother telling you about my old house. Some repairs never got done in the 12 years I was there.

Troels Wed 14-Aug-19 16:41:26

Move. As you say it's a secure tenancy and you'll be able to save money. Win Win.

GreenTulips Wed 14-Aug-19 17:23:33

I think you’re crackers for replacing wooden floors with carpet with a baby!

Get knee pads and they’ll clean the floor. Better for potty training as well

Thegracefuloctopus Wed 14-Aug-19 17:39:25

Carpets are a must I'm afraid. Both dh and I hate the coldness of hardwood floor underfoot. I've been desperate for carpet since we moved here!! We know we'll be cleaning it constantly and I'm sure a few weeks after we move in I'll be writing a thread title "AIBU to replace carpet we just paid for with hardwood floors because I have an 11 month old"!! But carpet it will be!

Whatjusthappenedthere Wed 14-Aug-19 17:49:33

Flat option all the way. Speaking as one who may have always worried about what others think. It sounds like a short / medium term solution to your longer goals,

SimplySteveRedux Wed 14-Aug-19 17:56:52

Currently doing this, although we have no small children to worry about. Moving from a beautiful rural area to the town centre. No regrets on the house to flat change.

FattyPeddledFuriously999 Wed 14-Aug-19 22:28:23

Go for the flat, bet you'll make it lovely!

Sobeyondthehills Wed 14-Aug-19 22:35:56

I did, in the same sort of circumstances, private let to HA

DS is older though, I miss having a garden, but we have a communal area.

Our communal area looks shite as well, also we seem to have a problem with one of the downstairs neighbours, not 100% what, but they have the police round once a week. However all the neighbours are quiet and respectful.

3 out of of the 4 of us have young children, so that probably helps with the fact that we don't mind the noise as much as we would do if we didn't.

bettyjune07 Thu 15-Aug-19 00:31:50

Go for it! Sounds lovely. And a much better option for you all smile

r.e carpets, we have cream and you can clean them with bleach! Cost a small fortune but they're an investment and the best thing we've ever spent alot of money on in our house. Nearly 4 years in and still no stains, track Mark's etc.. we have twins and a black lab! Also invest in a shark Hoover, keeps mine immaculate smile

Good luck on your move OP!

areukiddingme Thu 15-Aug-19 00:40:28

So either, you pay privately for a house, or I pay for your social housing that will not give parking for your cars and it’s a bit shabby...I will write you a check now..would you also like a butler? Maybe someone to clean the flat, park your car(s) I know a great guy who does ironing in your area for £15 an hour, his name is Daniel i will send him round too.

lyralalala Thu 15-Aug-19 00:46:33

Definitely the flat. Especially as you’ll have no one above you, which was always the most worrying bit about being in a flat when I was.

EileenAlanna Thu 15-Aug-19 01:10:54

The flat sounds really great. You'll be saving money & don't forget you can look into swaps, maybe find a nice house with garden in the same rent range. The flat sounds like it would be in an area people would like to swap/move to.
Good luck whatever you decide.

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