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to be annoyed by all the old polluting vehicles attending the big green gathering on the mendips?

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kidsrus Mon 30-Jul-07 23:34:13

Passed by today and saw all these old sherpa vans and the like traveling towards this green festival have they not thought about their carbon footprints driving all those polluting clapped out old vans.

lilibetpotter Tue 31-Jul-07 14:58:45


Ripeberry Wed 01-Aug-07 23:11:36

Yes, but they are using vehicles that are not using up new resources and anyway they might be running them on chip fat!
Being totally green is quite expensive, not everyone can afford a new car.
My DH has just got himself a 65 seater coach that is almost 40yrs old and he likes nothing better than driving it down country roads on a Sunday.

kidsrus Mon 06-Aug-07 15:55:24

i realise that ripeberry but surely there are other ways to get there that dosn't even need chip fat. Bicycle, horse, legs, thumbs etc.
I walk and cycle as much as possible and use public transport before using my car (not new).
I couldn't afford to get in so they must have more money than me!

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