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To be [shocked] that my old friend just tried to...

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Peachy Sun 29-Jul-07 16:52:00

DS3's birthday today, friend drove up and I was very pleased (we had a party and she has girls similar age), don't see her much as her DH si V V Dodgy (spends lots of time in tahiland selling fake goods / living with a prostitute).

Anyway her car broke, Dh went and fixed it, while he was out there she tried to sell him porno films from tha back of the car!

Dh doesn't aprticularly like prorn 9and can get it for free if he wants due to his job for a publisher), I'm not anti porn as such but isn't it a bit !!!!!!! for an old mate to try and sell illegal porn to a friends DH, outside the house in this manner?

tiredemma Sun 29-Jul-07 16:53:17

how odd.

JeremyVile Sun 29-Jul-07 16:53:57

What a charmer she sounds

paulaplumpbottom Sun 29-Jul-07 16:54:30

That would displease me. Its a bit creepy

pirategirl Sun 29-Jul-07 16:55:29

bloody hell, sorry, i am laughing here, but just because she really hasn't a clue, has she.

Maybe she was trying to repay him in soemway for helping witht he car.

I guess the people we spend time with, or are partners with rub off on us in some ways.

Her partner prob has her on a good commision.

I wouldnt' know what to do/think/say!

What did your DH say fgs???!!!

indiasmum Sun 29-Jul-07 16:55:35

what a claaasssseeeee laydeeeeeeeee

Charlottesweb Sun 29-Jul-07 16:55:58

Sorry... I am laughing a bit.. but just at the thought of someone selling porn out of the boot of their car... very del boy

But I have to admit I would feel a bit gobsmacked at her offering it to my dh.

(Does she know her dh lives with a prostitute in thailand?)

twinsetandpearls Sun 29-Jul-07 16:57:08

so her husband spends part of the year living in THailand with a prostitute?

Peachy Sun 29-Jul-07 16:58:09

She knows Dh is with a prostitute yes, she's p[leased its onlyb one now- he's with her 50% of the time.

I'm not angry, though (thought I would be, patryt of me is oh no not again as there is always something) but just a bit gobsmacked really!

LIZS Sun 29-Jul-07 17:27:42

er nice not , just how and why is she a friend ?

Peachy Sun 29-Jul-07 17:31:13

Been friends since we were 11, tyhis has all happened over last few years you see, she ahs severe health issues (anorexia) and can't really cope with her dh

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Sun 29-Jul-07 17:38:30


Poor ald girl's just trying to make an honest living. bless 'er.

itbird Sun 29-Jul-07 18:03:39

My ex used to give porn dvd's to his 19year old daughter to sell behind the bar in the pub where she worked!! Personally i would be quite annoyed with her if she were my friend. YANBU

Peachy Sun 29-Jul-07 21:09:47

Can't beleive someone would involve their daughter- although can remember said friend paying for a 3 year olds aprty in porn once with our kids there, didnt see her for ages after

I need to review this friendship I know but she is ill and iunder the influence of prat-bloke, she was never like this before

Pesha Sun 29-Jul-07 21:24:54

What kind of party provider accepts porn as payment anyway?!

allgonebellyup Sun 29-Jul-07 21:26:10


that would make me laugh my pants off rather than anger me!

Peachy Sun 29-Jul-07 21:39:05

It didn't anger me- mopre than anythntg else!

madamez Sun 29-Jul-07 21:43:34

Well it's probably the equivalent of knowing someone who works for Bettaware or Avon or that kids' books company who just thinks of absolutely everyone as a potential customer.
Mind you (nosy icon) if your DH gets free porn from the publisher where he works, I wonder if he works for a publisher I know? Not asking you to give away the name or anything, but any hints?

Peachy Sun 29-Jul-07 21:48:25

Ah he works for a distribution network and awarehousing company that handles most major publsihers plus all the big news contracts if thats a clue?

madamez Sun 29-Jul-07 21:51:11

Peachy: ah, no, was just being nosy as I know a few of the publishers and have worked at a few of the publishing house,s but distribuation was never my area.
Ok, hijack over, will scuttle off now

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