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To not care in the slightest

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drspouse Fri 19-Apr-19 22:51:21

I sold a Scandi item of kids clothing, along with a load of other bits, I often do this and can make up to £100 sometimes.
Both my DCs wore it and it was £3. Probably £15+ new. The buyer is complaining there are stains. I can't even see them in the photo she sent. She's hassling me by message (pages and pages about why she can't use it)

Today I have had to restrain DS who was having a meltdown (7yo SEN). I've got two big work deadlines and was hoping to get some work done over the weekend. We've been at my DM's and she told me off about 5 times, including in front of a shop assistant, for talking too loudly. And we have to go and look at special schools for DS next week because his current school are running around like headless chickens.--
We also found DD (4) in DS' bed at 9 pm eating and egging him on to do the same.

AIBU to tell the lot of them (school, arsey buyer, mum) to SOD OFF?
And eat the DCs Easter eggs

Greeborising Fri 19-Apr-19 22:54:03

Time to get a big glass of wine, some chocolate and put some shite on the TV

drspouse Fri 19-Apr-19 22:58:15

I'm too tired for more TV but the bath is running.

GoldenPineapples Fri 19-Apr-19 23:10:35

I sold a bundle of clothes once when my dd was small for around £10 I think. It had loads of items including Next (when next was good) and M&S. The buyer messaged me complaining one of the cardigans had a stain on and asked for a refund on that item.

I didn't know what to say or suggest because she had what was probably over £100 of clothes when new for a tenner. It's par and parcel that there will be the odd item that's not quite to your taste or has the odd stain.

She was really shitty and gave me neutral feedback because of said stain.

I started donating clothes to charity after that because it was just too much hassle from people who expect to pay pennies but expect brand new quality.

drspouse Fri 19-Apr-19 23:29:44

I do wonder what these people do when their child's clothes get an (invisible) stain on them.

noodledoodler Fri 19-Apr-19 23:52:27

Sounds like a crappy day. Hope you are feeling chilled after that bath. Absolutely eat the egg, you can always replace it tomorrow if needs be. Sounds like tonight you need some self indulgent tlc so go ahead and indulge. Tomorrow is another day, get the wonder woman pants on and keep going. Sending hugs 😀

Shostakobitch Fri 19-Apr-19 23:59:53

I'm all too familiar with the world of scandi clothes! Was it Maxomorra? I feel like this tends to be the brand that brings out the worst in people sometimes! I've sold loads of items and usually it's ok but at least twice I've sold something that I was sure was immaculate only to be told a week later it had a stain on. It's just really frustrating so you have my sympathies.

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Sat 20-Apr-19 02:36:42

I’ve bought a bundle of items and found one or two with a little stain, firstly for the price it’s not worth complaining and secondly if it’s play clothes I stick them on the kids anyway🤷🏻‍♀️. I also had a bundle once and messaged the lady for sizes, explaining it was for my neighbour who had just become guardian of a baby, and when the bundle came, it was three times as large. The lady messaged and said she’d rather it go to a baby who really needed it. I was so ever grateful for her kindness.

GirlRaisedInTheSouth Sat 20-Apr-19 02:45:17

What is scandi clothing?

I get told off all the time for talking too loudly, it’s so humiliating. Hope your day gets better x

Alicewond Sat 20-Apr-19 02:47:54

Sold as seen, eat all the eggs and drink all the wine, chat rubbish with mumsnet smile

drspouse Sat 20-Apr-19 02:53:42

It was indeed Max. I don't usually buy it!
I will tell her I can't see the stains but please send it to my friend with a 2 year old directly not me.

drspouse Sat 20-Apr-19 02:55:38

OneStepSideways Sat 20-Apr-19 05:56:43

Was it on the Max Addicts site? Some odd people on there. I think I'd just refund the £3 to get her off my back.

I sold a tshirt on there once, organic cotton, red, worn once. The buyer complained it was 'the wrong shade of red' and it looked 'a bit pink' in direct sunlight. I'd taken the photos on a cloudy day. She tried to make a claim for 'item not as described' but PayPal rejected it grin

drspouse Sat 20-Apr-19 09:43:53

No but it was a similar group! One where people never send their kids to nursery in their precious Scandi.

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