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To assume my job application hasn’t been unsuccessful?

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LimaLemur Tue 09-Apr-19 10:04:04

I currently work for the Civil Service in England, and applied for a higher-grade post with them just over a week ago (the closing date was the weekend before last).

I haven’t heard any updates yet about my application and, on the application portal for candidates, it mentions that my application is still being reviewed.

Should I just assume that I haven’t been successful in being selected for the next stage? (For my current role, I think I was updated on my application about a week after applying, although I realise that timings and update processes are different for each role).

MaidofKent78 Tue 09-Apr-19 10:06:04

I recently applied for a CS role. It took weeks to hear back after both the application deadline and interview so I wouldn't worry unduly yet.

Fishywife Tue 09-Apr-19 10:06:57

It will automatically update when they have chosen candidates for interview. Did it give an intended interview date? They may have a lot to sift. Still being reviewed means they haven't finished sifted/ HR haven't updated it. Successful and unsuccessful candidates are informed in tandem.

NCforpoo Tue 09-Apr-19 10:26:08

CS notorious (depending on department) for taking aaaaaages with recruitment. Sit tight. A week doesnt mean anything.

MRex Tue 09-Apr-19 10:36:31

A week and a half isn't very long if they've had a lot of applications, or a decision maker could be on holiday or unwell, or diary conflicts might be causing an issue with arranging panel interview days and they're trying to resolve that. That said, if you assume you aren't being called for interview and then get a good surprise, no harm done. You could use it as motivation to search for other suitable roles to apply for.

adulthumanwolf Tue 09-Apr-19 10:39:23

Takes about a month here from app close date to interview selection.

Glittery1 Tue 09-Apr-19 10:44:10

A week is nothing in recruitment.

I would give it a month from the application closing date.

LimaLemur Tue 09-Apr-19 18:12:07

Thanks so much, everyone - your replies has reassured me! I was getting worried that no news meant that I wouldn’t be unsuccessful.

LimaLemur Tue 09-Apr-19 18:12:23

*have reassured me blush

DanielRicciardosSmile Tue 09-Apr-19 18:16:18

Thanks so much, everyone - your replies has reassured me! I was getting worried that no news meant that I wouldn’t be unsuccessful.

Should that be "would be" or are you regretting applying for the job now? If the latter, you can decline to attend the interview if invited so don't worry too much. (Assuming typo but your title also suggests you're hoping to be unsuccessful so not 100% sure)

LimaLemur Tue 09-Apr-19 18:41:22

Haha sorry it’s definitely a typo!

Sorry - it should say in the thread title and in my last couple of posts here that I ‘wouldn’t be successful’ and that ’AIBU to assume my application has been unsuccessful/hasn’t been successful’!

I definitely do want this job!

cakeallday Tue 09-Apr-19 18:43:20

I had a CS interview earlier this year. It took them three MONTHS to invite me to interview after my application grin

ArnoldBee Tue 09-Apr-19 18:44:21

It takes a long time and after being on the waiting list for 10 months my friend still hasn't been posted. Lots of patience is required.

pitterpatterbaby Tue 09-Apr-19 18:49:48

I'm a civil servant. Try not to worry it takes ages a week in nothing. They'll need to sift them first then they'll offer interviews. Did the advert indicate when the interviews would be?

DanielRicciardosSmile Tue 09-Apr-19 18:54:13

I definitely do want this job!

In which case, good luck! Never worked for the CS so don't have any personal experience, but on the basis that public wheels turn excessively slowly at the best of times I would agree that it is early days to have heard one way or the other. Fingers crossed for you to get some good news soon.

Talkingfrog Tue 09-Apr-19 19:18:02

Depending on how many have applied they may still be sifting. Some areas of the country have Easter hols this week, so if one of the panel is off, it may delay things.
I think I have waited longer than a week for an internal sift to be completed, especially for a post that had a lot of applicants.

Iseewhatyoumeanthistime Tue 09-Apr-19 19:22:04

You will hear either way. Via email if you have provided an email address and the online portal will be updated. Does the job advert give estimations of dates ie when sifting will take place, when interviews are likely to be held as long as these dates haven't passed then it's just a waiting game I'm afraid.

LimaLemur Tue 09-Apr-19 20:56:30

Thanks again everyone for your reassuring words!

On the advert, it mentioned that application sifting would start from the week starting 1st April. It also mentioned that interviews were expected to take place between 10th and 19th April.

As the sifting was meant to take place last week and the interviews are expected to start from tomorrow, this just made me think that I would have heard something by now if my application had a positive outcome (although I realise, as some of you have mentioned, that factors like the panel going on holiday, for instance, could delay things).

Cherrysoup Tue 09-Apr-19 21:02:06

Hopefully they’ll contact you via email. I recently applied for a post and heard nothing back. I think it’s only professionally courteous to at least send a bog standard no thanks email rather than keep people in suspense.

pitterpatterbaby Tue 09-Apr-19 21:06:28

To progress to the next stage and issue invites to interview all the feedback/sift results have to be entered into the system first. Then you can move to the next bit. It could be that they had more applications than they expected and the soft has taken longer. It seemed like an ambitious timeline to me anyway! Best of luck x

Divgirl2 Tue 09-Apr-19 21:13:31

No idea why they post timelines on the adverts, they never ever stick to them (DWP I'm looking at you). As everyone else has said you'll be notified regardless of outcome, and everyone gets notified at the same time. It's just an automatic thing once they press a button on the portal. You'll either get an invite to select an interview slot, or a rejection (worth clicking on because you'll get a score for your competencies).

My department are awful and once kept people waiting 8 MONTHS before inviting to interview. Unsurprisingly we got some strange characters from that round of recruitment.

LimaLemur Wed 10-Apr-19 07:37:16

Thanks everyone for posting about your experiences - it’s really helpful.

LimaLemur Thu 11-Apr-19 14:38:31

Thanks, everyone - just coming back to say unfortunately that my application wasn’t successful.

The application (for the Civil Service, as mentioned before) was sifted on communicating and influencing, and I scored a 3 unfortunately, which I’m a bit frustrated about.

Does anyone have any advice that they might be able to offer here (either in the thread or on private message) about improving competency scores, please? I feel a bit deflated.

pitterpatterbaby Thu 11-Apr-19 19:12:31

Sorry to hear that sadthanksWhat grade and type of post was it for?

LimaLemur Thu 11-Apr-19 19:22:56

Thanks, pitterpatter smile It was an HEO role in a private office - I was really hoping I would progress at least to the interview stage. Oh well - onwards and upwards! smile

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