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To ask if anyone has cancer diagnosis experience?

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user1496231209 Tue 02-Apr-19 14:40:50

Sensitive subject but has anyone had experience of cancer diagnosis before?
My mum had to have biopsies done on her womb two weeks ago. We called up today for the results and they came in Friday but secretary said that the consultant has to look at them today and that he’ll be sending out a letter with the results.
If it is cancer, do you get these results by letter? Is it promising that she said letter rather than phone call?

ladylunchalot Tue 02-Apr-19 14:44:41

Only got experience of when my mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour and she had a phonecall the day after her scan and tests telling us to come in at 9am on the Mon morning (she had the tests on the Thursday, phonecall on the Fri and then the diagnosis on the Mon).

Not sure if that's the case for everyone but I always thought if it was bad news they let you know pretty much asap.

Hope it goes well x

Purpleartichoke Tue 02-Apr-19 14:49:58

My Cancer diagnosis came By after hours phone call. They called as soon as they had the results. I’ve only got letters for biopsies that came back clean.

Basecamp65 Tue 02-Apr-19 14:53:03

I had scans done at the hospital and told an hour letter - was booked in for the surgery before we left.

I think it may depend on the type of cancer - some are easier to diagnose than others. Also if it needs a specific consultant to diagnose you may have to wait until they are there but two weeks sounds a long time.

Basecamp65 Tue 02-Apr-19 14:53:18

Later - not letter

BasilBrushes Tue 02-Apr-19 14:54:37

DH had a hospital appointment with the surgeon saying it looked like a malignant tumour and he would be removing it and referring to oncology. We knew it would be cancer as he was on the 2 week wait pathway. Oncology confirmed it after the surgery and then that’s when the treatment was spoken about, and it went from there. He’s fine now.

MinnieMountain Tue 02-Apr-19 15:11:00

With mine they changed my telephone results appointment to one in person. There was a lot to tell me even though the consultant was pretty sure I was stage 1.

I can't imagine they'd confirm cancer by letter tbh.

MissEliza Tue 02-Apr-19 17:05:30

Dh and dm were both diagnosed with cancer and were both told face to face.

Kolo Tue 02-Apr-19 17:11:37

I'd take it as a good sign. With my mum, any positive results came much quicker than expected, usually the same day by phone call or while we were in the hospital. The lab that does the biopsies will have spoken to the consultant about any urgent and positive diagnoses and the consultant wouldn't wait from Friday to Tuesday to have a look at positive results.

Good luck. It's a really stressful thing to go through.

CherryPavlova Tue 02-Apr-19 18:04:21

It would be very poor practice and most unusual to give a cancer diagnosis by letter.

lessthanBeau Tue 02-Apr-19 18:41:28

My 2 brothers and my mum and mil all got face to face consultations. I dont anyone who got a letter. Fingers crossed it means good news xxx

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