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To leave everything to my sisters

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Redred2429 Fri 29-Mar-19 17:45:04

Hi I'm a bit of a worrier but in my will my younger sisters inherit everything split 50/50 when they turn 21 my partner is moving in with me the property is in my name and in the event of us breaking up he has no claim on the property would I be unreasonable to keep my will as it is with my siblings inheriting everything for the time being

Grumpyoldblonde Fri 29-Mar-19 18:00:58

No, just get it changed as your life changes, if children come along or whatever.

MortyVicar Fri 29-Mar-19 18:04:26

You have to write your will to reflect what you would want to happen if you fell under a bus tomorrow. You can't write it on the assumption that it won't be needed for many years and try to second guess what the situation would be by then. That's why you should regularly review a will to make sure it reflects your current wishes.

If this is a relatively new partner the sticking with leaving your estate to your sisters sounds sensible. (And even if the relationship lasts, you can still leave your estate to whoever you want.)

Redred2429 Fri 29-Mar-19 18:06:48

Thank you that is what I was thinking if we were to have children etc I would then change it I also thought about seeing my lawyer so that there would be a period he could carry on living in the property in the event I died before the house would be sold

SandyY2K Fri 29-Mar-19 18:08:43

Leave it to your sisters for the time being.

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