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How to cope and how to spend - military wives

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AW9999 Tue 26-Mar-19 20:31:37

A brief background - I'm 24 and have two sons (5 & 3). My husband is in forces and has been deployed previously - he has recently been deployed again and I'm struggling to deal with having two young children/working to build my career/have a social life and obviously just not being able to regularly even speak to my husband.

I have two questions
1) Does anyone have any advice on how to cope 'single parenting' - I'd love to just go to yoga with a friend once a week but can't work out how this would even be possible.
2) Money - mine and DH combined salary is about £60k (mainly his) I manage all the money as he is overseas - I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to do this/what not to do. My husband genuinely doesn't care about money and wants to see me happy but I'm worried he will come back and I will of done something crazy stupid without realising that he'd think it was stupid. (Once early on in our relationship I bought 8 facials as a package and I actually think he thought I'd lost my mind.)

Thanks smile

AW9999 Tue 26-Mar-19 20:53:12

Just a bit of additional information - we had agreed before he left we'd put everything in one pot (to cover nursery, mortgage, bills, food etc.) but I just feel so bad looking at the amount spent per month when he's not even spending anything at all....

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