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To wonder when I’m supposed to set the activities up ( lighthearted)

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SEsofty Mon 25-Mar-19 21:36:47

I’ve just spent the evening reading various websites and blogs full of fantastic interesting ideas of sensory, immersive play activities to do with your toddler.

All of these are really great ideas but all of them seem to require extensive set up time. However, when does anyone actually do the set up?

Child hasn’t napped for months and therefore if I were trying to set up afternoon activities after lunch would just follow me around asking me what I’m doing.

And just to be clear this is lighthearted I just wish that it was possible to freeze time so I can waft around creating immersive play scenes

PumpkinPie2016 Mon 25-Mar-19 21:52:26

I always wondered this too grin

I'd feel too disappointed if they didn't play with them for long too!
Luckily, DS is 5 now and quite happy to set up his own little imaginary games grin

shopaholics Tue 26-Mar-19 09:40:19

Bit different because I'm in a nursery but we set them up during lunch times as the children eat in the same room as the play area or when this wasn't the case we'd let them do free play as we set it up.
Children benefit from playing alone just as much as from playing with you so don't worry if they're by themself whilst you're setting up.

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